For shallow sloped roofs what is the best type of roofing?

Is it better to use " Ice and Water " material with shingles on top or burned on rubber membrane?

The house is in Toronto. Thanks


The roof is on an addition to a house. It is about 600 sq. feet. I do not know the slope, maybe a rise of 4 feet over a run of 20 feet.

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    For what it's worth I think rubber roofing is the better way to go.

    My pack porch has about 4-12 pitch it has rubber roofing on it, a few years back I was cleaning the gutters and some kid climbed up on the roof and poked it a few times with a screw driver. I went and bought some white roll roofing and put that on top of the rubber. It looks way nicer then the rubber and I have never had a problem with it though.

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    gee Douglas I don't know what to tell you. When i had a house in Ohio we had both kinds a sloped and a flat roof underneath there was a layer (like a tarp) of a black material and on top of that were shingles and around the shingles were a sticky material and when the sun warmed that material it sealed the shingles.

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    Yes rolled roofing is for low pitch roofs. He amy be charging to tear off and dispose of the old roof material. If it leaked, he probably will have to replace the plywood also. The rolled roofing is cheaper than shingles. You can also get another estimate.

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    either is good, as long as it is installed correctly, just the matter of price. i&w will be the less expensive option, for a small roof.

    i have done window wells, that have been cut into lower roofs, with ice & water and shingles with no troubles. the thing to remember is, you have to have the proper overlap and be sure to run it up any walls at least 12", even if you are using step flashing.

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    i have a 3 season room built on the top of my porch, it has a very shallow pitch. i actually had issues with ice and snow buildup. when you have ice building up on shingles you get water forced underneath and eventually leaks. long story short when i redid my roof i used rubber sheathing over the porch and never looked back, no more build up no more leaks

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    here in Europe we use Single Ply, i assume this is what you are calling a rubber roof. where you have high levels of snow and ice this is the best option as it flexible depending on the temperature, if the area is accessed often its not a good idea but well worth a look

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    Modified Bituem or TPO are very good materials for low slope roofing.

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    You don't say what the actual pitch is, but for low slopes, one piece is best. Rubber or the white stuff.

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    Fibre glass

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    ive just started using fibre glass and its not nice to install but done properly it will give you 30yrs plus

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