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The people who waged a war for oil and the Gulf of Mexico oil spew by corporate negligence and gov corruption?

Is that the correct way to look at the situation

Why or why not

The US waged wars for oil --- other peoples oil -- The oil from Iraq would only be used to rebuilt Iraq they said but decades later it has nothing to do with the oil they are taking and the nation they are not rebuilding

NO no --- this is the fault of insurgents who see the US armed patrols as an occupation of their land -- these people are the terrorists who justify the US toughing up its stances

The US needs oil -- needs to control the market needs to keep its intersts at the forefront -- What they don't tell you is corporate American oil needs and the peoples aren't always the same thing

Government corruption and corporate arrogance together lead to a massive preventable spew from the earth that they could have had under control long ago if the corporation or the government insisted a relief well be drilled at the same time the pumping was was drilled

But they didn't -- The US waged war for corporate Americas oil needs and continue to occupy a land backed by US troops that still lies in ruins -- and that same oil is killing off plants in the US back yard fish jobs toxic pollutants and more

Is it connected in any broader lesson sort of way --- the cruel message of the gods ? Just a coincidence ?

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