Can anyone judge my grade 8 valedictorian speech??!?!?!?!??!?!??!?

Valedictorian Speech

Before I begin my speech, I would like everyone to give a hand to the other great nominees for Valedictorian, *****, *******, ****, *******, ******** and ********. You guys rock.

Good afternoon, families, friends, teachers, and graduates of 2010. My name is *********and I’ve been given the honour to represent an outstanding group of people, and whew! We all graduated!

You see, I’ve only been here for 2 years, but in a matter of a few days, I already felt like this school was my home away from home. Some people have been here for a total of 9 years, feeling like it was only yesterday that they were sucking their thumb saying stupid phrases like “Liar Liar, Pants on Fire!” which is pretty funny since I know some of them WERE doing that yesterday. To most people, *********is a safe environment where you could not only learn, but enjoy themselves with friends, the many clubs, and the plentiful fields of happiness and joy.

**********has been around for a while. You can obviously tell, just look at it! But it holds memories, good and some not so good, for everyone who attended here. I couldn’t possibly name all the great memories from this school in time, so some awesome memories were all the shenanigans we had in Ms. Khithani’s class, like the time where we had a watermelon fight, the time where we lost a certain someone *ahem* at the science centre, French Class *laugh* oh French Class, or the time where the same mug broke 3 times. Or this year, even though there was a lot of drama going on, we still found time to clown around in class, begging for DPA, and singing Sweet Caroline on the top of our lungs. Oh, good times never seemed so good. The year was packed with laughter, smiles and a whole lot of hugging. Through all of the happy, sad, funny, and even embarrassing moments (those of you who saw me at the school dance would understand), we’ll always remember.

And people who shared these great memories were friends who became something very similar to a family here. We treated each other like a family, and sometimes even called each other like we were addressing a family member. I’m not kidding. We called each other “mom”, “dad”, “brother”, “sister”, “stepmother”, etc…. I was the pet duck. Bottom line is, we were pretty tight.

During the years, we’ve learned so much. Compare us entering kindergarten, and look at us now, nearly leaving grade 8. Huge differences. In school, we’ve learned so much that cannot be taught out of a textbook. We’ve learned responsibility. We’ve learned what friendship is. And a select few of us learned that putting a cookie into a computer’s disk drive isn’t the smartest thing to do. But learning here wasn’t always individual. We’ve had many great people support us during this “Magical Journey”. Teachers spent their valuable time trying to drill information into our heads, even though it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Mrs. Stefanov taught us how to get rid of our “mental baggage”. Madame Rebelo, thanks for letting us go out for DPA all the time. Mr. Mitchell, your art and music classes rocked. Mrs. Clark, you made every class a class to come to. You never were a bore, and you taught us so much. I’ll never forget the time where you went down the hallways with a cardboard box on your head. So, thanks teachers. It really meant a lot to us. Also, thanks to the students who helped each other out in times of need, like letting others copy of their homework when the teacher wasn’t nearby. And, of course, Families, like mine, would push us until they could no further. My parents would always say something like “87%? 87?! What happened to the other 13%?” which would always get me angry, and try harder, so if I ever got a 100%, they couldn’t say anything. So, thanks to all parents, you are our guidance, role models, cheerleaders, chauffeurs, housekeepers, and, of course, our personal ATMS.

To students, next year, most of us will be heading off to Mayfield, so if we see each other in the hall ways or in class, I’ll make sure to add in the casual “sup?” But if you aren’t coming to Mayfield, just make sure you remember all of these great memories shared at Herb Campbell, and keep in touch. To everyone, I wish you guys all luck on your magical journey, because it is just another stepping stone in our lives. And remember—we are not the leaders of tomorrow. Whoever said that lied. We are the leaders of today. Now before I go, I would like to ask everyone to stand up. Everyone born January through June, can you clasp you hands together like you are praying? And everyone born from July to December, can you outstretch your hands a bit? Thanks. Okay, now smile and hold that for a second *takes out camera and snaps picture* Cool. Now I can tell everyone I had my first standing ovation. Goodnight everybody!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It was pretty good better than most 8th grade valedictorian speeches

    idk if I'd put this line in there though "like letting others copy of their homework when the teacher wasn’t nearby"

    i like the ending its clever lol

  • 1 decade ago

    its good. the one problem with it is u talk like ur graduating high school. i wouldnt say the class of 2010 if i were u cuz that seems like graduating class. same with the whew we made it thing cuz its like out of school completely.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Good Lord, 8th grade valedictorians? what next.

    Congrats but I haven't got the time.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    LOL, Cute. Good job, I think they'd like it.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like it! But maybe you could shorten it a little? :)

    Source(s): i was the eighth grade valedictorian! (3 years ago lol) ♥
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