Who will be more upset when the Coyotes move back to Canada?

The 3 Coyotes fans?

Gary Bettman, because all his schemes to keep hockey out of Canada failed?

His cronies on Y/A?


I wasn't so much blaming Bettman for the Jets/Nords leaving as much as I think he's instrumental in blocking the return of the Coyotes to Canada. I know that ppl say he just does what the owners want, but I can't believe that the owners really want to keep this city in this dead market as much as he says.

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    I wonder how many people out there passing judgment on the Coyotes fan base are familiar enough with the area to make such claims. No matter the number, there are deeply devoted fans (as I have witnessed personally here, on Puck Daddy and elsewhere) of the team who would be devastated by such a move.

    The expansion of hockey into cities that would otherwise only have it via television is a wonderful, cosmopolitan thing, and ultimately necessary in terms of making hockey competitive on a multinational level.

    Teams fail financially for various reasons. When a team does go bankrupt, it is not necessarily a referendum on the loyalty of the fans in that team's area. Far from it, really. Less established franchises tend to be run by less established business persons, or by less scrupulous individuals who only want to make a short-term buck and get out.

    I also wonder how all of the people who perennially refer to Gary Bettman with derogatory language have any idea how a commissioner is supposed to do his job. The NHL is a business, and businesses do things that don't always seem to make sense, or things that make its consumers irate. The balancing act between growing the business, maintaining a sense of integrity and keeping the consumers happy is not easy. Many of those things are out of Bettman's hands, and it wouldn't really matter who took his place. Personnally, the phrase "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" sums it up for me--how much different do you really think the NHL would be under an alternate commissioner?

    Having said that, in answer to your questions:

    Several thousand people, at least, in the Glendale/ Phoenix area (not to mention 'Yotes fans in other parts of the country) would be very upset, especially considering their highly successful campaign last season. I imagine Bettman would be fairly upset as well, considering that moving the team would be a blow to the NHL's vision of expanding the market. Between the two, the fans are the ones to lose out and ultimately be more upset. Bettman would still have his massive paycheck, and things would smooth out over time. So long as the wheels of money making are turning, Bettman will be happy. The fans/ consumers are always lower on the ladder, and will always be the first to lose; they are the ones who have something to be upset about.

    How would you feel if your team went belly-up and had to move? It may not be as far-fetched of an idea as one might initially think.

    (btw, I don't mean to nay-say on you or anything, I just think there's a lot of misconceptions and misinformation out there.)

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    You're right, he IS instrumental in keeping them from returning to Canada. The NHL doesn't want teams moving. So show a little greatitude, because if that wasn't the case, there'd be this same question about the Oilers and Senators.

    I don't know what Bettman's performance has done to deserve so much harsh criticism from our northern neighbors. Frankly, I think it all comes down to the fact that his place of birth is someplace other than Canada and that the commissioner's office hasn't had a Canadian in its chair since the late 1970's. Why he gets blamed for the moves of the Jets and Nordiques is a mystery. Unless, of course, many people subscribe to the erroneous belief that the NHL is his toy to do with what he pleases, when he pleases.

    As for the Coyotes, well, if they were doing so poorly (and back in the day they did) in Winnipeg right now, you should be grateful that Bettman would be doing his best to keep them from moving.

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    lol, I love when people blame Bettman for Winnipeg and Quebec leaving. While I can only speak for Winnipeg, Bettman was one of the reasons the team stayed as long as it did. Winnipeg could have moved several years earlier if Shenkarow (former Jets owner) had his way.

    To answer your question, the Coyotes fans would be upset, no matter how few they number. I've had a team leave and it's not a great feeling.

    EDIT: He's absolutely blocking the team from leaving, but to be fair he's just being consistent. Bettman has alleged all along that he is against relocation. If this is really his stance, it would make sense that he'd try to stop it from happening.

    @ Scott...The Jets didn't fail. They were put up for sale and only one party wanted to buy them. Unfortunately that one party moved them to Phoenix. Obviously they were losing money but that had to do with the relationship between ownership and those that owned the Winnipeg Arena. That dynamic doesn't exist anymore. The potential owners of a Winnipeg team also own the arena. It's easy to throw out rhetorical question, but please try to make sure they contain rhetoric that makes sense.

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    Hockey is good for the south. It brings them something they will never ever see down there. And trust me, some of the die hard fans down there are even more die hard fans then leafs fans or wings fans. They have a quality team now, hopefully that will encourage more fans to come down and see them. Now if only they play in Phoenix. Bettman is a hell of a lot worse then Selig. I wait for the day that he goes. It's not that I hate the guy, he is just a horrible commissioner. They probably will move back to Canada, but I think Ice Edge needs to help this team out and have them stay in the desert.

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    bettman and the "cronies" you mentioned. most of their attendence are "Snow Birds" who just want to go see a hockey game live. Im only 21 and 6 ppl my age and a couple of them younger moved out there, because MI isnt good for economy and other stuff right now. Anyways, out of the 6 ppl i know, at least 3/4 went to go see the Wings during playoff games.

    and i know D.D will read this post and probably say "wings attendence record blah blah blah lol" truth is, nobody can go and afford to watch the game. plus when your drinking, the Joe has got to be one of the worst places to go see a Hockey Game and then stand in line for the womens bathroom!!! its horrible!!!! haha (however it does not bother me though! If i get tickets i dont care!) lol

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    Scott you are absolutely right the NHL should move teams out of Atlanta, Colorado, St. Louis, Ottawa, San Jose, and Minnesota cause they have all "failed" before.

    Source(s): I'm being sarcastic
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    probably Bevis Bettman.sorry Coyote fans but there simply isn't enough of a demand for hockey in arizona.

  • Anonymous
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    LMFAO probbly you when ice edge is in the driver seat come august.

    GO JETS GO!!!!!

    oh yeah silly me, they've already gone gone gone.

    speaking of bad support for a team


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    Howler (alias Desert Dog) will be most upset if this happens.

  • Scott
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    why would they move back to a place they already FAILED at

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