Is drinking wine at a 5 yr olds party classified as child endangerment?

My older (34 yr old) sister had at a birthday party for her stepson. 2 children from his daycare were in attendance but only 1 parent stayed. During the party she asked this adults if they would like some wine. The children ran around in and out of the house while the adults including the birthdays both biological mother and father congregated in the kitchen. When they noticed the kids all disappear outside they when out and found said 5 yr old in the pool flailing. She yelled at him saying he should know better and laughed it off to me saying "I guess peer pressure is starting already since it was a 7 yr old girls idea".

I live 14 hours away so I was not in attendance otherwise I would have railed at her to even suggesting to open a bottle of wine. Can they be charged with child endangerment or at the least negligence? If you have any link to specific laws I could send her I would appreciate it. She has stated its a "tradition" of theirs to break open a bottle of wine at his party.

My children will never have summer visits with their Aunt due to this atrocious behaviour.

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    It probably wasn't the wine that caused the negligence. It's sort of common sense that if you have a pool in your yard you shouldn't have young children outside with no adult. Even if you don't have a pool an adult should have been there regardless. I don't blame you for not letting your children visit her!

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    No it is not child endangerment or neglect for the adults to have a few drinks at a childs party. A bottle of wine is not going to get a group of adults drunk to the point to where they can't responsibly take care of the children.

    That being said, if they were very drunk and unable to supervise the children due to the alcohol, this is very irresponsible and I too would be upset at them.

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    Drink wine at a baby's birthday party isn't baby endangerment as long because it is finished moderately. i don't think of any baby who can't swim might desire to be everywhere close to a pool with out supervision.

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    No it is not child neglect or endangerment. You don't have to go visit her but you also don't have to call her behavior atrocious either what is acceptable for her isn't acceptable to you so go on with life I'm sure there are things you do she doesn't agree with ge on over it!

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