Anyone who has taken GAMSAT?

What was your experience? Do you have any advice?

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    Go to a prep course. Prep courses are expensive, I know. I went to Des O'neill's prep course for my first attempt, but not for my second. In truth, his course probably taught me nothing that I didn't know already or couldn't learn from a textbook (with regards to science that is) in my own sweet time. I mean, cramming the sciences into 3 days really gets you no where. However, if there is something you don't understand it is a good chance to pick someone's brains out.

    For section 2, practice heaps

    For section 1, read lots of 'complex' texts - newspapers, opinions, essays written by university academics, philosophy, political theory, classics, translated novels... Some of it is even interesting.

    For section 3... Make sure you understand the key concepts. Don't stress too much about the detail.

    Visit a Gamsat Forum- talking with other Gamsatters helps a LOT. Go to the people on there are really helpful and it's a great place to soak up some Gamsat vibes and some great advice. For me, reading about other people stressing out made me more motivated to study.

    Food on the day - I brought soooo much food to eat on the day.

    Enjoy the ride - I really enjoyed preparing for the Gamsat, both times. I love science and the second time around I also learnt to love reading the 'complex texts' and other people's complex ideas. Many of my friends say that I have not been the same since.

    Pray - the essential and foremost element in all endeavours.

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