Need a Lolita Dress from Canada?


My brother's wedding is in a month. My daughter (16) is desperate to wear a Lolita dress. I know it may not be conventional, but, I figure, at least it is a dress, and she will wear it.

I was wondering if there are any Canadian companies that would ship it, or if worse comes to worse which is the best one (and quickest shipping in the states)? Thanks so much :)

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    Hello. I just want to wish your brother good luck and congrats! Also, you're right about lolita being unconventional (I've always found it difficult to drive in a skirt that's supposed to be 2 feet in diameter), but it's possible to wear lolita to a wedding. Although the current trend in lolita is over the top sweet themed outfits (ex: clusters of pastel colored bows in one's hair), for events like weddings, it's best to try to keep it toned down as possible because it's not your daughter's wedding, but your sister in law; it's only fair for her to be in the spotlight on her important day.

    Before I suggest ways to tone down your daughter's outfit without losing elegance, here are some places you can buy.

    Since you're looking to get something on a quick manner and possibly within Canada, I highly suggest finding something decent in the last link, the egl_comm_sales. As you may have already found out, it's a livejournal community where individuals sell, trade, and commission lolita items - often times the clothes are second hand but in good condition (I mean, it's hard not to take good care of a dress or skirt that's worth $200 USD!). I normally found that buying from individuals is faster than working through a company. If you're not sure if that'll work out within your budget, you may also purchase from a store called Bodyline, which should be mentioned in the first link. I'll post a link a little later in my answer post that's a shopping guide for Bodyline. The second link is a list of many places to purchase lolita from for less than the Japanese or American brands sell for (not because they lack quality...which they don't for Chinese shops, but because the Chinese Renminbi is worth less than USD or the Japanese yen). Although I'm a huge fan of taobao shops (and Anna House), they don't always ship as quickly as most people would like just because they tend to get hit by customs (almost every store I've bought from Hong Kong/China, I've got hit with customs - then again, you're in Canada, so you're probably going to be lucky than I, whom is in the US). Again, you may possibly find taobao branded items (like Rose Melody and Kidsyoyo) in the egl_comm_sales.

    Here's a few shopping guides for Bodyline (I also suggest using a different shoe size converter -BL's a little off):

    And here's a guide for dressing more mature in lolita:


    Two more things:

    1) Be sure that your daugher has been measured properly. I understand that buying things from the internet can be scary, but it'll give her a higher chance that something will fit her and give you more ease to buying things not from a physical store. I suggest using the measurement guide from a try.

    2) Please understand that coordinating a lolita outfit takes more effort than just putting on a dress and go. Aside of taking note of quality, be sure that she's also putting together the right silhouette; that means that the dress/skirt should sit on her natural waist line and the skirt should be about knee length. The key to a lolita outfit is a petticoat. Without it, the skirt or dress she's wearing is just another pretty skirt or dress - the petticoat (and bloomers!) is what makes the infamous bellshaped (or cupcake) silhouette. Here's a little guide on the basic silhouette:


    Let me know if you have any questions about lolita fashion, and I'll be more than happy to see what I can do to help. I hope that the searching and ordering process goes as smoothly as possible.

    (p.s: since it's summer, your daughter doesn't necessarily need a blouse to complete her outfit if she decides to get a jumper skirt - a sleeveless dress - but I do suggest a short sleeved bolero for modesty. And she may also opt for flower corsages in her hair rather than hair bows).

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    I am afraid that your daughter's dress will take attention away from the bride, kind of like wearing white to a wedding. It would appear to be a "baby girl" costume to most of the other people.

    So, out of respect for your brother and his fiance, maybe your daughter would consider wearing dark pants and a dressy blouse-- if she won't wear any dress but a lolita style!! : /

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