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Zoloft/anxiety medication question?

I have been on Zoloft for about three years now for anxiety. I have ADHD and have had it all my life. Recently I had to undergo an emergency appendectomy and stopped taking the Zoloft while I recovered. Although my anxiety cranked up a little, I've noticed a DECREASE in my hunger. I have been struggling with weight problems all my life, and I always feel hungry. When I stopped taking the Zoloft, I noticed that I was better able to control my appetite. Has anyone else ever had this problem, and if so, have you had any good experiences with different anti-anxiety medications?

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    those are common withdrawl symptoms when comeing off of anti depressants.

    since there are so many, it's not as easy as reccomending one over another, or if one worked for me or not, because each does a diffrent job, and work diffrently on people, so it really depends on your symptoms for a doctor to find a anti depressant and a dosage to match symptoms.

    i've been on quite a few diffrent ones, none seem to have worked very well for me as yet.

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    Well, it takes Zoloft roughly two-four weeks to begin running, might be just a little extra. Since Zoloft is such a lot almost always used for anxiousness and melancholy it includes homes that are meant to no longer be interested by beer or any variety of alcohol or some other sort of depressant. I'm no longer certain approximately the entire handiest weekend consuming factor, however I might def. verify with the Dr. I want I would've been of extra support.

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