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what physical and personality traits do you picture these people having?

Autumn Luci, Luna Jade, Dakota Lilith, Draven Richard, David Wyatt

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    Autum Luci:

    Long flowing, wavy medium brown hair. Pale skin, beautiful freckles across her nose, lush pink lips and huge green eyes. Great at reading and writing, extremely clever. Good listener and really kind and caring.

    Luna Jade:

    Natural light blonde hair, pale skin and massive blue eyes with extremely long eyelashes. Kind of mysterious, in her own little world half of the time, really innocent and kind to absolutely everyone, but a great leader and great at sticking up for herself and other people. Strong minded.


    Very long straight dark brown hair, tanned skin, light brown eyes. Really loud, confident and fun loving. Quite flirtatious, but not a ****. Someone everybody likes to be around, really funny and great at telling stories. A great listener, understands things perfectly and gives great advice.

    Draven Richard:

    Pale, short black hair and ice blue eyes. Kind of quiet in a mysterious sort of way, intelligent beyond his years. Quick witted, strong minded, very opinionated. Sometimes quite cold and harsh, very blunt, but truthful.

    David Wyatt:

    Very tall, medium skin, short dark brown hair, hazel eyes. Quite a popular guy, a lot of people look up to him, he sometimes makes mistakes but always owns up to them. Not afraid to admit he is wrong. A great leader, very brave.

    Hope this helps!

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  • 10 years ago

    Autumn Luci- Sweet with a nice smile and naturally wavy orange or red hair and freckles and Chestnut brown eyes. Honest and a good listener. A good student with best friends that like having her around. I would imagine Autumn being shy yet friendly. Sensitive.

    Luna Jade- Black hair thats bone straight with piercing dark green eyes. Interesting and clever and quick-witted with willpower. A loner and reluctant to let people in but is a loyal friend once people gets through her thick skull. Independent and smart and confident. Don't care what people thinks and is expressive.

    Dakota Lilith- A tomboy who's rowdy. Long brown hair and small pixie features. Down to earth and sporty and loud. Is either loved or hated.

    Draven Richard- A rocker who likes to play girls with a mohawk.

    David Wyatt- Snooty with blonde hair and and a big nose.

    ♥Dai Boo♥

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  • ordaz
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    Autumn Luci - an obese emotional woman. She has pink streaks in her hair and is not type to any of her classmates different than her terrific friends. She is rapid to decide and a couple of-confronted. Luna Jade - an elementary-going woman. She likes to be herself. She is often wearing bohemian unfastened chicken styled clothing. She has brown hair and brown eyes and absolutely everyone loves her. Dakota Lilith - an atypical woman. She has an atypical character that no one incredibly clicks with. She has friends, yet not many actually close ones. She is incredibly into analyzing and does not care what people think of of her. Draven Richard - an over-emotional boy. he's incredibly down-beat and is very gothic. He wears huge black pants and coats. He does not have a lot of a character to describe. David Wyatt - an stunning jock. he's the famous guy or woman athlete in hockey, soccer, soccer and music. He has brown hair and is a entire females guy. those personalities are defined whilst they're around age 14.

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