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Using these lists of names what would you name six kids?

Using these two lists of names, what would you use for six kids {you may choose the genders}. And they are siblings, so make sure they flow.

And if you could, please say WHY you chose these names {whether because of associations, general biases or just the sound}.











































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    I'll do middle names as well, because I am different.

    I would have more boys then girls, for the reason that, I already have two rooms in my house with very boy-ish themes, and many baby boy clothes. Haha.

    Elliott Jacob "Eli"-

    I chose this name because Elliot is on my list, and I love the nickname Eli, but I don't like how popular Elijah is, so I prefer Elliott. I chose Jacob because it's my nephews name, and it's close to my sons name, Caleb.

    Hayden Blake "Hade"-

    I like the sound of Hayden, but Dan doesn't like it, so of course, I can't use it. He likes Brayden though. Blech. And as for Blake, I also just love this name, and it's on my own list with Zachary.

    Samuel Austen "Sam"-

    I prefer Samson, but it was between this and Jeremy, and I prefer Samuel over Jeremy.I love the nickname Sam, which is why I chose it. As for Austen, well, I love Jane Austen, so I guess, association.

    Wilson Reid "Will"-

    I chose this because it is unique, and I love the nickname Will, but I can never use William, because of our friend, and because I used Liam, after him, as Ash's middle name. So now, I get Will, with a unique sounding name. I chose Reid because I like Rhys, and they sound similar.

    Isabelle Lucy "Bella"-

    I like the sound of Bella, and I know it's super popular, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine, and I've loved this name ever since I went to Italy with my family and everyone called me "Bella". It was fun. And I think it fits with the boys names.

    Sophia Grace "Sophie"-

    I love Sophia, and the meaning is beautiful, and I also think it fits well with the rest of the names. Grace is a guilty pleasure of mine.

    "Eli, Hade, Sam, Will, Bella & Sophie"

    ~Although, I would probably never do that because I don;t like siblings with the same first letter names.

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  • Kaydee
    Lv 6
    10 years ago

    Lucy Savannah

    Grace(Gracie) Katherine

    Sophia Madeleine

    Hayden Wilson

    Austen Henry

    Grant Jeremy

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Violet Emmeline

    Grace Charlotte

    Lucy Scarlett

    Maxwell Reid

    Sebastien Blake

    Jacob Hnery

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I choose three boys and three girls

    Madeleine Sophia~~I've loved this combination for a long time

    Katherine Violet~~Katherine is classic and about the same length as Madeleine is

    Savannah Grace~~This is just beautiful. All the girls have long-ish names.

    Samuel Jacob~~two biblical names that complement each other nicely

    Maxwell Henry~~I like how Henry sounds with Maxwell

    Jasper Wade~~This looks cool

    So I'd have Madeleine, Kate, Savannah, Sam, Max and Jasper

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  • Martha
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Elisa Wren Heidi Sophia Mariana Ava Kara Jade Ashley Willow & Levi Dallas Levi Owen Dallas Owen Dallas Weston Maxwell Logan

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  • 10 years ago

    Sophia Caroline--I love love love the nickname Sophie!! And Caroline is sorta after my mom (her name is Carol

    Anabelle Grace--I would called her Ana, because I think it's a cute nickname. Grace is just a classic sweet girl's name.

    Madeleine Charlotte--Maddy is a super common nickname but I still LOVE it.

    Elliott Henry--Elliott is such a great name. I like that it's masculine, but not super common. Henry just sounds good with it.

    Wilson Grant--Will is a great name, and Wilson is more fun than the traditional William, I like it.

    Calvin Samuel--I know a little boy named Calvin and he is a cutie!

    Sophia Caroline

    Anabelle Grace

    Madeleine Charlotte

    Elliott Henry

    Wilson Grant

    Calvin Samuel

    Sophie, Ana, Maddy, Elliott, Will, and Cal!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Matilda Emmeline Scarlet.

    Helena Adeline Ivy.

    Charlotte Lucy Noelle.

    Jasper Elliot Damon. [initials spell JED, could work as a nickname, bonus lol]

    Jeremy Sebastien Grant.

    Calvin Maxwell Henry.

    Tilly, Lena, Lottie, Jazz/Jed, Remy, and Cal. -- nickname IDEAS, not rules, lol, it's up to you.

    I think they flow nicely. I put 2 middles because that's how I do my own lists, not sure if you do as well since you didn't specify. I like the names and the flow of the names, and they're all names I like. I did like most of your boy names though, and your girl names were more not my style, but I found ones I liked for this question.

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  • 10 years ago


    Selena Madeline

    Grace Noelle

    Sophia Adeline


    Hayden Maxwell

    Jasper Blake

    Elliot Wade

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  • 10 years ago

    Violet Adeline: I love the name Violet its on my list..and Adeline just sounds like such a happy name.

    Charlotte Annabelle: Charlotte is also a name on my list #2 actulally its just so elegant and sophisticated...and Annabelle sounds almost Melodic...

    Sophia Grace: Sophia is a soft and pretty sounding name that i've liked since I started collecting names, as was Grace.

    Henry Sebastian: Henry is one of my fav. names, its so strong and masculine. Sebastian was just a name i thought was so cool.

    Maxwell Elliott: I love the name Max and Maxwell is a pretty cool name too ...Elliott is this name of this boy i know and I quite like the name.

    Jacob Reid: Jacob is such a popular name but I love it so much and Reid was actually the first name on my list when i was 8 because it was in a book i read.

    so: Violet, Charlotte, Sophia "Sophie", Henry, Maxwell"Max" and Jacob "Jake"

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  • In Order of age:

    Isabelle Katherine

    Jacob Reid

    Jeremy Henry

    Madeleine Noelle

    Savannah Grace

    Charlotte Sophia

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