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what physical and personality traits do you picture these people having?

Autumn Luci, Luna Jade, Dakota Lilith, Draven Richard, David Wyatt.

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    First thing that comes to mind (and I'm assuming that these are just names, not already attached to people you know):

    Autumn is a free-spirit, probably hippie-like in her way of life. Loves everybody, not a mean bone in her body.

    Luna Jade is probably a bit mysterious, I picture dark hair and light eyes, pale skin. Always wearing dark clothes, and usually shy unless around friends.

    Dakota Lilith I picture with short, straight blonde hair. The quiet one.

    Draven Richard I picture very much like a male version of Luna Jade. They'd probably be dating.

    David Wyatt for some reason I picture as Dakota's brother. Not as shy as her, however, probably way more popular and out there.

    Yeah, I just pictured them as characters from a story and went with it.

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  • 3 years ago

    Autumn Luci - an overweight emotional female. She has pink streaks in her hair and is not variety to any of her classmates except for her maximum suitable associates. She is quick to guage and a couple of-confronted. Luna Jade - an elementary-going female. She likes to be herself. She is continuously donning bohemian free fowl styled clothing. She has brown hair and brown eyes and all of us loves her. Dakota Lilith - an atypical female. She has an atypical personality that no man or woman extremely clicks with. She has associates, yet not many extremely close ones. She is extremely into studying and would not care what human beings imagine of her. Draven Richard - an over-emotional boy. he's amazingly down-beat and is amazingly gothic. He wears massive black pants and coats. He wouldn't have a lot of a personality to describe. David Wyatt - an lovable jock. he's the megastar athlete in hockey, football, football and music. He has brown hair and is a complete women folk guy. those personalities are defined at the same time as they are round age 14.

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