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what physical traits and personality traits do you picture these people having?

Autumn Luci, Luna Jade, Dakota Lilith, Draven Richard, David Wyatt.

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    Autumn Luci- The town ****. Freckles, dark hair, light skin that burns easily, very thin and shortish.

    Luna Jade- Very intelligent and quiet. The kind of girl that you want to get to know but she always keeps a wall up. Blond almost white hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin, dreamy looking.

    Dakota Lilith- Goes by Dakota Lily. Fun and outgoing. Red hair, ginger girl, covered in orange freckles, well endowed. Loves to go horse back riding. Laughs alot. Great to be around.

    Draven Richard- Good friend by day, but disapears by night. Dark hair, dark eyes.

    David Wyatt- Loyal friend that's always there no matter what. Church go-er, but not judgemental. Your average joe. Nice smile, dirty blond hair with average looking eyes. Quirky, but nice.

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    Autumn Luci - an overweight emotional girl. She has red streaks in her hair and is not kind to any of her classmates excluding her best friends. She is quick to judge and two-faced.

    Luna Jade - an easy-going girl. She loves to be herself. She is always wearing bohemian free bird styled clothes. She has brown hair and brown eyes and everyone loves her.

    Dakota Lilith - an odd girl. She has a strange personality that no one really clicks with. She has friends, but not many really close ones. She is really into reading and doesn't care what other people think of her.

    Draven Richard - an over-emotional boy. He is very down-beat and is rather gothic. He wears big black pants and coats. He doesn't have much of a personality to describe.

    David Wyatt - an adorable jock. He is the star athlete in hockey, football, soccer and track. He has brown hair and is a total ladies man.

    These personalities are described when they are around age 14.

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    10 years ago

    Autumn Luci(LOVE this name!)-Warm personality and hazel eyes, with freckles (these are all very first thoughts btw)

    Luna Jade- Pale eyes, medium blonde hair, sort of snobby though

    Dakota Lilith- Nothing comes to mind! lol

    Draven Richard-Same, sorry

    David Wyatt- Blonde hair

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    properly, actually it incredibly is a candy call, yet I image as very musical, and delicate. when you consider that her call is Melody exhilaration. additionally, she would be kinda tough at cases (slightly each and every from time to time) and a large form of of the full time in her existence she would be pleasent and being concerned/ large loving.! wish I helped! Please value me! (:

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    10 years ago

    A fuckup personality!

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