Japanese TV schedule, 26 hours rather than 24 hours? (MORE INSIDE)?

So I was recently looking at a Japanese TV guide for the schedule timings of a show I like to watch, and I found out that its on TV on "金 / 26:00"

Friday at 26 o'clock if I am correct. But what is 26 o'clock??? Not sure what to make of this, does anyone know why this is?

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    Japanese Tv Schedule

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    The broadcast day at most Japanese TV stations starts at 5am, so if they continue showing programming, the contents up to 4:59am belong to the previous broadcast day. So until the programming schedule rolls into the next day, they just keep on adding hours beyond midnight.

    It used to be an internal convention within TV stations or the broadcast industry at the most, but it's crept into the mainstream now.

    There used to be a time when stations ended their broadcast day at the stroke of midnight, set to footage of the flag waving and the national anthem. And then, it was just static snowstorm on the screen until next morning. That kept on getting pushed back into later hours until TV programming became around the clock. But the beginning of the broadcast day never changed. It was always the end of the broadcast day that became later and later.

    You may or may not have been around to see static snowstorm on TV screen late at night. (It's for this generation that Poltergeist makes sense.) Pretty soon, TV will be all digital, so future generations won't even know what this is.

  • Shido
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    10 years ago

    That's because many people stay up late and that's more intuitive for them.

    2:00 AM is more like an extension of the night time of the day before than the very early time of the day for people who stay up overnight and go to bed at around 3:00 or later.

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    Yeah...probably you've seen too much. You should go to bed at 20:00 from now on so your brain can rest.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It meant to be 2:00AM sat., that is current popular wording in Japanaese TV industry.

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