Homemade gifts for men?

My boyfriend and I have been dating almost 6 months & i love him a lot. We decided we're going to celebrate our 6 months and that our gifts to each other had to be homemade & free ! (the most im allowed to spend is like $10 and thats only for supplies, say if i chose to make cookies but had no butter). Im a very unartistic person which is why i havent been so fond of ideas such as painting & im uncreative which is why i suck at poems, but i am trying. I already plan to make him goodies, but i wanna make something very romantic or sentimental because i know he's making me something involving pictures and he says im gonna cry (he made me a scrapbook at christmas and i cried so hard).

btw, it has to be a GIFT GIFT, not say 'make him dinner' because we agreed to plan the date together.

Im also afraid that he wont be into all that mooshy gooshy stuff & i know he likes practical things.


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    Don't worry about your artistic ability. It may not look professional, but that is part of the charm of home-made gifts. By the way, cookies is a reasonable idea. A decorator tin, which could be considered supplies, costs two or three dollars at Hobby Lobby or someplace like that and could be used to store mementos after the cookies are gone. If you can't write a poem, try copying one in calligraphy. It is easy to learn, and only takes a special pen held at an angle, again from a craft supply store. Calligraphy pens can be expensive, but there are also cheap ones. I prefer the fountain pens over the calligraphy markers, but to each his own. You could go even further with the thrift theme and get the poetry book from the library. A letter about how you feel might be nice, again calligraphy could take it up a notch. A framed photo is an idea. In keeping with the home-made theme, you could make or just paint/decorate the frame yourself. You can get a good enlargement to put in the frame for under $2 normally if you don't go overboard on the size. Walk around a craft supply store or even a hardware store and look for ideas. The clerks at these places might be able to help too.

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