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How much should I expect to pay for shipping these shoes from the US to Canada?

I bought $100 shoes online from an American company. They charged $10 flat rate shipping, plus $39 import fee (what's an import fee?)

Then I've heard of "duties" and "taxes"? What are those and how much should I expect to pay of them for a $100 pair of shoes?

Is there anything else I should expect to pay when they arrive?

I don't want to end up paying $300 for shipping! Help me out please?

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    I have never heard of an export fee...

    Unless it is being sent via Fedex, UPS...

    I always ask them to ship vis USPS (United States Postal Service)

    Canada Post only charges 5.00 service fee...

    I have ordered shoes from US as well, but not a 100.00, 60.00... they never charged any customs...

    Depends on how they are feeling that day...

    They could charge, but maybe not....You never know..

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    To hest honest, no body can tell you they are calculated somehow by customes when they enter the country, BUT remember not all items are charged only the onles that "get caught" !!

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