maceration and lemoncello?

Hello I'm trying to do some homemade lemoncello. I followed a recipe, in which it is said to let lemon skin macerate in vodka... But it doesn't say if the maceration should be done at room temperature or in the fridge.

If you have any clue on this issue I'd be greatfull!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Room temperature, in a dark, cool area. I do mine in the basement. However, I'd recommend passing on vodka and going with grain alcohol. I use Everclear. 6 bottles of Everclear, the zest from 30 lemons, and let 'em sit for a month. The best way to know if you're ready is if you pull a piece of the lemon zest out of the liquor and it snaps in half when you bend it. If you're using store bought lemons, be sure to run them under hot water and wipe them down the paper towels - this will remove the wax (which you really, really don't want in your limoncello).

    Blending your limoncello is pretty much an art form. I use 40% of the lemon infused liquor and 60% simple syrup.

    Source(s): I make 1/2 dozen batches of this and raspberry liqueur every year.
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    When I make my berry/whiskey cordial I use a dark cool location for storage and make certain the bottle is sealed. It should be the same for this. With mine I turn it at period of it's sitting time, it shifts the contents the help make it mix without disturbing it too much.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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