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what do you think of these sib-set names together?

do they go together? Draven Richard <Draven was a name we both agreed on quickly, and Richard is a family name on his side> Autumn Luci <Autumn is our favorite time of year and its the time of year we were married. Luci is my favorite girls name> Luna Jade <this was a name my husband came up with and i love it> David Wyatt <David is my fathers name and its in honor of him. Wyatt is one of my fav every sence watching Charmed> Dakota Lilith <I love the name Dakota for a possible third daughtes name and Lilith is a middle name my husband wanted and i love it too.> Viktor <this is a first name my husband wants to use for a possible third boy. havnt desided on a middle name yet> would love to have two boys and two girls. how do these names sound together?

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  • Alexa
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    Draven Richard

    Autumn Luci

    Luna Jade

    David Wyatt

    Dakota Lilith


    I think they definitely sound like a good sib set. The names flow very well together and are all of similar type (uncommon but not crazy). I really like the names themselves as well. I really like Draven and I haven't heard it before. I also love Dakota Lilith. It is so pretty. None of the names are overused. Good choices and I definitely think they sound good together.

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  • 10 years ago

    they are nice

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