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what physical and personality traits do you picture these people to have?

i know iv asked this question more than once but i would like some more answers. also i realize you cant tell these things by just a name but what comes to mind when hearing or reading these names? Draven Richard, Autumn Luci, Luna Jade, David Wyatt, Dakota Lilith, And Viktor ??? havnt desided on a middle name for Viktor yet. thank you for your answers

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    Draven Richard - Kind of dark and moody with black or brown hair and pretty antisocial. Very serious about whatever his work is.

    Autumn Luci - Brown hair and green or blue eyes, friendly, funny, open, practical but fun and confident.

    Luna Jade - Mostly just like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter :] (she's my favorite characters)

    David Wyatt - Brown hair with green eyes, really funny and sarcastic, likes dogs, has a big family, popular.

    Dakota Lilith - Looks like Dakota fanning and is young, funny, and quirky, and very sweet

    Viktor - Some random vampire XD

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  • 4 years ago

    Autumn Luci - an obese emotional female. She has crimson streaks in her hair and is not type to any of her classmates different than for her ultimate acquaintances. She is speedy to choose and 2-confronted. Luna Jade - an common-going female. She likes to be herself. She is often donning bohemian loose poultry styled outfits. She has brown hair and brown eyes and anybody loves her. Dakota Lilith - a wierd female. She has a wierd character that no one relatively clicks with. She has acquaintances, yet not many actually close ones. She is honestly into examining and does not care what human beings think of of her. Draven Richard - an over-emotional boy. he's particularly down-beat and is fairly gothic. He wears huge black pants and coats. He does not have lots of a character to describe. David Wyatt - an attractive jock. he's the movie star athlete in hockey, soccer, soccer and song. He has brown hair and is a entire women folk guy. those personalities are defined whilst they are around age 14.

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    Draven- Old man

    Autumm- young enegitic girl who smilies alot

    Luna- A duck ??????

    David- Young boy who loves to read and obeys his mother

    Dakota- a movie star

    Viktor- A young boy who it cool

    Viktor's middle name could be Lee or Viktor Braden ????????

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