Who are better warlocks or mages? Please read?

I did pretty much a lot of homework trying to figure this out. This is what I got.

Mages are awesome at damage, but have very poor health. Meaning that mages are better off in a group than soloing if you choose anything but frost which is good for soloing cause it has more survivability. Mages are able to defeat retribution paladins because I don't know why, they can counter spells or something? But can get whooped by warlocks big time. I heard they are able to defeat rogues more easily than warlocks can. Mages can be very dangerous if played correctly, can telport and sit a lot eating and drinking. Bad side, they don't get a cool horse. They are awsome at pvp, but from what I read not as desired in raids, besides food/water. They have good crowd control. They can be well in a group, and cause great damage if the group protects the mage.

Warlocks are I'm not sure how they are at damage, but I heard they can be OP. They can use their pets and dots to kill off the enemy. Without theirs pets their goners. They have infinite mana, cause of life tap, and can put their health back with healthstone, I think it's called. They rely on soul shards tho. Their void walkers are useless, at least from what I read. They can easily defeat a well geared mage, but can take forever to defeat a paladin, and rogues can sure pwn us, unless we can use fear fast enough. Warlocks are I guess okay at pvp, and have an actual role in raids. They get awesome horse, best part about the warlock, mages get normal horse :(

This is about everything I learned about them. I'm new at this game, and really can't choose. I already started with warlock pretty good enough to experience it. I like the horse, but I started disliking it because it was more dark and I felt the spells weren't bright enough. Like when paladins fight they make cool sounds, and the spells look really like "bam" you can see them and all. While warlocks it's all dots, dots, fear, dots, and a shadow bolt here and there, making it look kinda boring. While mages have more vibrant looking spells and looks really fun. I'm not sure what I want after game, I might want to raid a bit, pvp, do some battle grounds and arena whatever that is. All in all a bit of everything. But I don't want to take both to 30 or so. I just want to decide know. Is it bad to want to play the warlock cause of the horse? I'm not too found of the warlock cause the spells look boring and the Armour is boring looking too. But I don't like how fragile mages are, and that people will not want me at all in raids or anything.


It's WoW, what else can it be?

Update 2:

bluekatt that was a useless answer.

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    Mages and Warlocks are the same when it come to armor value as they're both cloth wearers. They're both good in different ways. Mages are great for PvP and PvE as they can kite mobs and have strong dps spells and things like Mana shield (absorbs damage at the cost of mana) Iceblock! makes you immune to all dmg for a short period of time and come on, you can polymorph! warlocks however have the annoying pets and no real good buffs, though at a higher level can really kick out some awesome dps. Whichever you chose is going to be a good choice in terms of dps, I'd suggest playing the class you have the most fun with (MAGE!!) because that's the point, right? You can always make the other character after you've got bored anyway.

    But seriously...pick Mage..

    Source(s): 4 years of WoW
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    Im going to say this now, as a tank I prefer having a mage with me than a warlock, for this simple reason, mages do damage right then and there, warlocks only place in raids just for DoTs, and I prefer playing a mage, they get cooler spells, they can make food, they make portals to citys which honestly is awesome, and they don't go up and down on the buff/nerf scale when blizz patches stuff like warlocks do, warlock horses really don't look that great, and every other class except a death knight and pallys have to buy their own horses, anyone can take down a ret pally, they only auto attack most of the time, and you don't want to have to level until 30 to decide? end game and beginning are very different in WoW so if you like a warlock in the beginning you might not like how he/she turns out in the end while, and the same goes for any class, but IMO mages are better

    Source(s): Ive played both classes and after long hours I have decided I like mages better than warlocks, and being a warrior tank better than a mage
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    wouldnt it help if you named the game you did all this research for ?

    probably wow

    about as useless as a wall of text with out naming the damn game even once ?

    there are more games out there with warlocks and mages then just world of warcraft

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