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I'm cutting my thick hair?

My hair is very thick, long and curly. It's more wavy because of the length, but really, it's curly. Any way, I'm cutting about 3-5 inches off it to make it more medium length for the summer, not to mention my ends are very damaged. Here's the thing though: I really don't want it to get all poofy once I've removed all the length weighing it down. Is there something I should ask for in the cut or a product i can use to keep this from happening?

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    My hair was kind of like yours


    Curly (Top straight middle wavy bottom curls)


    Ends were not damaged tho


    Cutting 3 inches off made it A LOT lighter, and actually made it less poofy! It may be because my hair is all even now (because last haircut I got they totally butchered my hair ): ) but it looks a lot better

    ask your stylist what kind of products may help

    For me its All natural shampoo/conditioners (Burts bees)

    Bumble and Bumble leave in conditioner

    and a small amount of mousse for curly hair

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    1 decade ago

    Tell the person cutting your hair that you want long blended layers.. you dont want really obvious layers that create lines or make you hair hard to manage.. and you dont want short layers, because they will cause your hair to get poofy like you dont want.. I have long thick naturally curly hair, and this advice comes from experience with quite a few bad haircuts.. :) I hope this helps! good luck!

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    If you ask the stylist, they have plenty of techniques.

    I'm not an expert exactly, but my friends have gotten their hair "thinned" because they have hair like yours. It's just a bunch of layers I think. Ask the person cutting your hair and they will immediately know. I'm sure it'll turn out great!

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    ask for your hair to be thinned into lots of layers.

    and also using a flat iron helps with the weight of the hair.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can always get in thinned out to make it look choppy! That will look pretty with a cute haircut!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    getting it thinned would definitely help and also straightening it. I recommend the CHI straightener. It works best!!

    Source(s): own experiences
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