going from a ontario g1 or learners to a n new drivers licence from british colombia?

im from ontario and im moved to bc i have a learners or g1 and i want to get a new drivers or g1 or n licence. how much would i pay?

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  • Gambit
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    1 decade ago
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    Fees can be found below.

  • ?
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    4 years ago

    They ask you to study some letters at distinctive sizes, and then they ask you to seem into (i don't understand that is formal call although that is an identical element you spot on the optomitrist's workplace) and that they ask you to assert which area (Left or suitable) that a mild is blink to ascertain ther pereipherel inventive and prescient. that is not difficult, they don't attempt to trcik you or something. playstation , you get to do the certainty attempt (40 different determination questions, 20 on indicators and 20 on utilising) earlier you do the inventive and prescient attempt. The worst that should take place is they might propose you to get a sparkling prescription earlier they subject you a license. You get to do the attempt first, and in case you bypass then you certainly can do the inventive and prescient attempt and that they take your techniques. sturdy good fortune, that is not very difficult, yet study the handbook!

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