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Why were some americans flying the Confederate flag at World Cup matches in South Africa ?

given south Africas history of Apartheid was it not a bit insensitive ?


even if I accept that... to people outside the America they Confederate flag does not represent State Rights

Also the Confederate was not playing heck the Country that beat the Confederate was playing

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    Racism, stupidity, or a combination of both.

    Ignore the Neo-Confederate revisionists who say that the Confederate Battle Flag represents "states rights" or some other Lost Cause nonsense.

    The Confederate Battle Flag represents only two things:

    1. Slavery.

    2. Perpetration of one of the most horrific and immoral wars in history.

    ALL the official state secession declarations list SLAVERY, by name, first and foremost as their reason for secession.

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    1 decade ago

    What does the Confederate flag have to do with Apartheid?

    Oh, you must be a victim of liberal revisionist history!

    The confederate flag represents the power of the states and the people...nothing to do with slavery or civil rights as you may have been erroneously taught.

    Our government used slavery as an excuse to declare WAR on it's own people to take the power FROM the people and give it to themselves.

    Why would we care what the confedeate flag means to people OUTSIDE the states?

    Do YOU care what I think of your flag?


    It's about the People running their own country, NOT the country running the lives of the the other flag

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    I agree, after all it did signify those states which wanted to retain the slav5 system.

    Very insensitive indeed.

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    i heard that the federalists. (if thats the name of the northern usa) didn't have slavery in their states because they wanted to avoid black people coming near their houses. Thats hardly pro black is it


    anyway. in my opinion russia and the USA are too big. they should not have made their countries that size. its not normal

    cut them down please

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