WOW which class should i pick for pvp?

im undecided between a hunter, priest, or warlock. i dont like the fact that the hunter cannot heal so im leaning more towards a priest or warlock whats best ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    warlock. all u have to do is fear then put all the curses u can, then run

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i like my priest. they're useful healers and can do disgusting quantities of injury interior the shadow tree as nicely as being waiting to wreck and heal interior the self-discipline tree. although in case you dont be attentive to what you elect then i could propose a druid, because of the thoroughly diverse skills wood. my druid is a boomkin and he or she would manage to do insane quantities of injury. she would manage to pop into bear form to tank if she starts taking the beats too lots. she would manage to develop right into a kitty for melee dps. she would manage to heal if needed. they're an notably versatile type which you're able to do fantastically lots something with. as much as i could say bypass with a clergyman, while you're no longer precisely particular what you will like then bypass with a druid. and in case you %. a night Elf you will even have that spectacular racial of being waiting to vanish. oh and druids are impressive flag includes in pvp. gogo holiday form! =P

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