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I need help with my german homework?

I'm only first year German student so it's nothing too difficult. It's an audio assignment where I listen to an audio clip of german speakers in conversation and then answer questions about it. There's just one little part where the girl says something quickly and I can't catch it.

here's the setup:

-Patrick calls up Monika on the phone on Sunday

- He says he's going sailing on Monday and wants her to go along

-she says she has an exam on Tuesday at 10:30am, and also rehearsal (not sure for what) on Monday at 7:30pm.

-He's not sure how she'll find time to study between her rehearsal and the exam the following morning

-She tells him why she thinks it will work out (this is the part I can't catch. she speaks too quickly)

The question I need to answer is why/how she'll have time to study. I would just like someone to listen to the clip and transcribe what she says for me.

The audio clip can be found on my textbook's webpage: http://wps.prenhall.com/hss_widmaier_treffpunkt_5/...

In the left hand pane click 'Audio Resources' and then it's the file called "• Zusammenschau, Hõren, Zwei Telefongespräche". It's a .ram file (real media player, although I use Media Player Classic). The clip is 2:52 seconds long but the part I'm working on starts at 1:40 so skip right to there.

1 Million thank yous to anyone that answers!

I know this sounds like a lot of work but I will hugely appreciate it!

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    I'm sorry I can't transcribe it for you :\ My German spelling is horrible. Hopefully you'll be able to follow along with this though:

    Patric calls to ask if she wants to go sailing on Monday, because there was a not enough wind on Sunday. She turns him down at first because she has to study and go to choir practice. But when Patric asks when her exam is, she replies that it's on Tuesday "um halb 11" (can't remember if that's half before or half past 11). Anyway, he tells her that she will have plenty of time to study Tuesday morning before the exam. She wonders for a minute if that will be enough time for her to study, and then Patric says "for you, I'm sure." And after that she agrees to go sailing with him Monday night, when he will pick her up around 8.

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    It's a choir rehearsal.

    He suggests to learn on tuesday in the morning since the tests is only at 11.

    She's not sure if it's enough time for her to learn on tuesday in the morning, but she agrees to go with them and will be picked up around 8.

    Source(s): I'm Austrian
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    it is the sequence.. Time, way, place... Um fünf Uhr am Samstag treffen wir united statesim Park First you have the time, it is Um fünf Uhr am Samstag = Time way = treffen = meet place = im park interior the park Um fünf Uhr am Samstag........and then way.. and place.. to end the sentence.. In English you may say.. At 5 o'clock on Saturday... we bypass horseback driving interior the woodland... Time 5 o'clock on Saturday way = bypass horseback driving.... place = interior the woodland

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