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N! asked in Science & MathematicsChemistry · 1 decade ago

Can someone help me with a chemistry question?

Millions of tonnes of nitrogen dioxide are dumped as smog into the atmosphere each year by automobiles. What is the volume of 1.00t of nitrogen dioxide at STP?

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    You will be using the Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT and solving for volume.

    STP refers to "standard temperature and pressure" which would be 273 kelvins (standard temperature) and 1.0 atmosphere (standard pressure). R (gas constant) is 0.082 when using volume in liters, pressure in atm and T in kelvins.

    You need to change the 1.00 ton of nitrogen to moles by changing tons to pounds; pounds to kilograms (2.2 lb/kg); kg to grams; grams to moles (don't forget nitrogen is diatomic so its atomic mass is 28, not 14). Once you have the moles, substitute your values into the Ideal Gas Law equation and solve for volume (which will be in liters)

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