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What colors should I wear to the Eclipse premier tonight?

Ok well my boyfriend and I are going to see it and I wanna look hot!!! Well what colors should I wear??? Also I just need colors, Jewelry, make-up, and shoes! I kinda wanna go with the Alice theme.

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    A little black dress

    Big gold necklace

    Gold bracelets

    Gold earrings

    Gold or black shoes


    Black Eyeshadow

    Black Eyeliner

    Black Mascara

    Bright red lipstick

    (Basically Black Eyes, Red Lips)

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    All in all, wear VAMPIRE CLOTHES ! Everyone is gonna rock the vamp look TOOONIIIIIIGHT. The more inner soul you look the better ! Like all the vampire people go to the first opening of twilight moviess, it's just the thing to do now and days. (:

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