Why do Republicans think that the financial meltdown of this country is just an "ant"?

Do they really think for us average people losing money, it's just an "ant sized" problem? Why are they so out of touch?


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    1 decade ago
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    Liberals are out of touch. This financial meltdown was caused by banks making bad loans that people could not afford because they were forced to. Bush wanted to fix that but the democrats wouldnt let him

  • Congress is going overboard with their Wall Street reform bill. It IS essentially like killing an ant with a nuclear weapon.

    I've got an idea that will take up less than five sentences. Tell Fannie and Freddie they cannot guarantee any subprime loans and any subprime loans given by banks will no longer be under the protection of the US treasury. Bingo. Problem solved. A can of raid is all that's needed; not a 2000 page monstrosity. Even Chris Dodd said he had no idea how this law would affect the economy. What a joke of a party the dems have become!

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    I think this sums it up very nicely.

    “I think at a time when the economy is suffering so greatly, why do you pass bill after bill that seems to create even more uncertainty in the economy,” Boozman said. “Why do you pass bills that are job killers?”

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