How much is a proper tip?

I will be having my hair cut and glossed at a fairly nice salon. the cut will cost $45 and the gloss will cost an additional $15, but would cost $25 if i were not getting a cut as well, and I'm sure that my hair will be shampooed as well. So potentially 3 people will be touching my hair, and I'm not sure how much to tip them. I'll also be getting an eyebrow tweezing at a spa for $25. Any advice?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Even though there is potentially three people doing your hair, your main appointment that is with your actual stylist, is the one who should be receiving the tip. I consider any tips to be fifteen percent as they would be for the restaraunt business.. now if eyebrow tweezing is with a separate stylist (as I imagine it would be) then there should be a separate fifteen percent tip as well.

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