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How much is a proper tip?

I will be having my hair cut and glossed at a fairly nice salon. the cut will cost $45 and the gloss will cost an additional $15, but would cost $25 if i were not getting a cut as well, and I'm sure that my hair will be shampooed as well. So potentially 3 people will be touching my hair, and I'm not sure how much to tip them. I'll also be getting an eyebrow tweezing at a spa for $25. Any advice?

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    For the tweezing, I'd go $5 since that is a meticulous job. For the cut and gloss, $10-$15 as that is a $60 (time consuming) process. For the person doing the shampoo, if it is a different person than cuts and glosses your hair, I'd give $3-$5 depending on how good it feels having the shampoo massaged into your scalp. I love having that done, and give a good tip to those who have a good technique.

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    At any place you should give about 15% to 20% tips. Ten percent of $60 is $6 times 2 divided by 3 is about $4 each for a tip, but i would prefer to give $5 each. About the eyebrow tweezing... give $5 if only 1 person. $2.50 or $3 if 2 or more!

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    I used work in a restaurant, and any tip under 10-15% of the cost of the bill was usually considered to be pretty bad, if not insulting. I'm sure that about a 15-20% tip would be very appreciated by the salon workers, but only give it to them if you feel that they did a good job and deserve it.

    So that works out to about 3-8 dollars per person or around 10-15 dollars if there is only one person.

    Just remeber at many restaurants or other busineeses where emeployees are expected to get lots of tips, the company sometimes will only have to pay employees about $4.50 an hour, because the employees usually make over minum wage in just tips alone. So tipping is definatly an important thing to keep in mind becase some people depend on it.

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    I give $2 for my $20 eye-brow and upper-lip threading. And I give $7 for my $55-65 haircut.

    When I eat out in restaurants I give minimum 15%, but in salons, 10% minimum, sometimes going up to 15%, but usually not more.

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