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Why is Russia such a backwards dump?

Why is most of Russia a backwards dump?

Don't blame communism, just look at how modern and progressive some former eastern bloc countries are! like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary, etc.

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    Russia has a history of being backward, mostly, i believe it is because of tyrannical leaders who suppressed their own people and made them suffer (tzars, soviet dictators and nowadays they also have authoritative leaders instead of a tiny bit of democracy). It cannot leave the people unharmed as they are taught to love the situation they're in and be patriotic no matter what. That's why the Russian Empire, the Soviet union and Russian federation economically were all behind Europe, they paid much more attention to the military than to the welfare of their own people.

    Why Russia became this way is another question, but the Mongol invasion in 1200s is often blamed, since the Mongols treated Russians like crap and this way probably taught their leaders brutality which seems to have become a tradition.


    No, there are very few Latvians asking for Russian citizenship, most of those who ask are Russians who ended up in Latvia during the occupation period.

    Source(s): I have lived in the Soviet Union and now I am just 50 km from Russia, I have most of their tv programms on cable and they show very well how ackward that country still is nowadays.
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    "Backwards" is a matter or perception based on the individual's personal values and worldview. I suppose if you think that Russia is currently "backwards", you could not fathom what it would be like if me and a number of other people of similar worldview acheived what we would like within Russia. I would personally like to see Russia return to the system, values, etc lost with the coming of Pyotr the Great. With him came the slow internal rotting of Russia and it's only worsened. If I had my way, there would have never been any "reforms", no adopting of quasi-"enlightenment" ideology or any of the other degenerate concepts that rotted Russia from the inside... What do you consider an ideal society? Jewish oligarchy and the EU, "democracy", multiculturalism, "freedom" to think and act and believe and engage in every immoral degenerate thing known to mankind? Do you view Europe and the US as a bastion of progressiveness?

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    What are you talking about if you have never been in Russia,you are not able even to read Russian newspapers and watch Russian TV ?-You know nothing about this country AT ALL ! Your education is "backwards dump". Any Russian pupil of 5 grade knows more about Canada,USA,Australia than you do about Russia !

    Don`t disgrace your parents who had no money to give you a good education.(In Russia secondary education is free for everybody).

    And you @Mrkarlis is Latvian, Latvia is "the best place" to live now. This year some thousands of Latvians have asked the Russian citizenship and they have received it from Russia.

    Don`t forget that in the USA Latvians,Armenians,Uzbeks...are "Russians"! Let you ask any pupil of the USA :"Who was the first cosmonaut of the world ?". Almost nobody of them knows that he was Yuriy Gagarin,soviet cosmanaut. Is not it funny that Darwin`s evolution which my grandmother studied at a soviet secondary school in 1923 , and every modern Russian child knows from the kinder gartten is a great news for the pupils of the USA ! They discuss it every day here on this site !

    I live in Western Europe and here almost nobody likes the citizens of the USA and Canada for their bad education and behaviour.

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    Have you looked in the mirror?

    Maybe you are a backwards dump for thinking that..

    You know nothing about Russia.


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    Вы знаете НИЧЕГО!

    Ваше имя точное описание вас! :D

    Source(s): Been there multiple times. Been to Canada, too - not impressed.
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    Really? You have traveled to Russia?

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    Why are Americans such anachronistic, uneducated, brainwashed, ridiculous, and simply downright stupid ignoramuses?

    I ask myself that every time I see a question like yours.

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    Turn around; you're looking at it through your butt.

    There ya go! It looks nice and forward now, right? *pats head* :)

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    Hmmm,Estonia? xD LOL

    Hmmm,they not so different from Russia.

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    Are you actually ****** in the head?

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