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Which to buy: Dark Magician Girl MFC or Chaos Emperor Dragon IOC, for collection?

Chaos Emperor Dragon - 1st Edition for $16, mint condition

Dark Magician Girl - Unlimited Edition for $18, lightly played

Which one?

I'm leaning towards CED.

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    Chaos Emperor Dragon without question. Dark Magician Girl isn't even 1st Ed and it still costs more. Chaos Emperor Dragon is more sought after that Dark Magician Girl anyways because of how it totally changed the game when it was released, it is arguably to most powerful card ever released.

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    CED is banned but i if you getit for the purpose just to have it then i would get it because it is better.

    i you want cards to run in a deck get the dark magician girl and make a deck based around pumping her up.

    Source(s): 5 years of expert dueling.
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