Why is my windows 7 crashing to blue screen?

Additional information about the problem:

BCCode: 34

BCP1: 0000000000050830

BCP2: FFFFF8800315A658

BCP3: FFFFF88003159EC0

BCP4: FFFFF80002B9917B

OS Version: 6_1_7600

Service Pack: 0_0

Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:



Any help would be very appreciated!

Thank you! :)

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    1 decade ago
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    Most of the time when something like this happens, you have to re-install your OS. OR use Windows Restore (IF you made backups.) To use Windows Restore put in your Windows 7 disc and when it is at the screen with the big "Install now" button, go to the bottom left and look for "repair your computer" Then let it work, if it detects problems and CAN fix them automatically let it do that. If not click on advanced options, and you will than see PC restore.

    If none of the above works, re-install 7, but make sure you have ALL IMPORTANT documents backed-up.

    Hope I was able to help! :)

    EDIT- I was telling them that way just in case the OS is blue screening on startup. But yes there is another way to do it from the system. If possible.

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    I'm a bit rusty on my Windows troubleshooting, but I can offer part of the puzzle.

    I searched Google for BCCode 34 and can't find a definitive source on the error codes. However, most of the forum postings related to this code are due to driver issues.

    If you are savvy enough to troubleshoot this further I would recommend the following:

    1) Check if you have a bad RAM stick. You could switch out RAM with another PC or possibly try removing each stick one at a time and see if you find it that way. You could also try running a diagnostic tool like memtest86+.

    2) Check your drivers. Make sure that Windows Update has everything up to date. Then go through each of your devices and verify that the driver version is compatible with Windows 7. Again, if you have any devices you can live without for a bit (ex: external harddrive) remove it for a little while and see if you can reproduce the problem.

    3) If all else fails, hit the forums. Answers.Yahoo.com stinks for technical stuff, you need a thread. Be sure to post your dump file and search through your Event Viewer to see if there is any information there.

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    Download window washer and run once, its just a temp file which is running multiple times, after this start pc in safe mode and perform disk clean up from system tools via accessories. Kindly update your OS and all your problems will be solved.

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    Every file present in your registry contains a command or direction for every program and application on your computer. Registry files are the files that give your computer the instructions for what to do next. If these registry files get corrupt or misplaced, your computer fails to understand what to do. In these instances, your computer loses control, eventually leading to a crash.At this stage the priority is to fix these registry files. In such situations it is suggested that you do not try to fix the registry yourself. Immediately find registry cleaner software and scan your computer to locate any errors. This software will identify all the missing entries or errors, restoring them right away. In many cases, your computer will be back to normal. It is recommended that you run this software once a month for best results. I should like to commend Registry Easy http://best-way-to-improve-pc-performance.com/

    to you !

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    Bccode 34

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    You can do a system restore without the original Windows 7 disc. Type in system restore in the start menu search box to find it. If you can't get the desktop to function, you can use a system recovery disc. If you didn't make one before your computer crashed, you can either make one from another computer (instructions here: http://www.addictivetips.com/windows-tips/windows-... ) or get one here: http://neosmart.net/blog/2009/windows-7-system-rep... Once you boot from the disc, you can do a system restore.

    Afterwards, if it works, check and see if you have the most up-to-date drivers.

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    I've had some problems with PC freezing and blue screen.

    I think you can clean registry to fix the problem.

    I use Regtool, have a try.


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    yea, what the previous person said, you may have to either re install the operating system or if you have made the recovery disks, should use them. you can also order the recovery disks from your manufacture er if you do not have them

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    4 years ago

    get rid of the battery and charger/ac adapter/potential twine out of your HP Pavilion pc, press and carry the potential button for 20 seconds to discharge any residual present day interior the HP Pavilion pc. This clears your RAM and is almost a hardware reset. replace the battery and charger/ac adapter/potential twine and turn your HP Pavilion pc on. Boot in "risk-free mode". because it starts up press F8, the computing gadget ask you in case you may want to start up in risk-free mode. spotlight "risk-free mode" and press enter. See in the experience that your HP Pavilion pc is booting up ok . in the experience that your HP Pavilion pc boots ok, do right here, attempt gadget fix first, start up Menu->All classes->upload-ons->gadget equipment->gadget fix. elect the main present day date formerly you the encountered subject. If it does not artwork, attempt the subsequent date. If gadget fix does no longer fix it, as a final hotel, you may might desire to fdisk, reformat your HP Pavilion pc stressful disk clean and reinstall OS, that usually fixes all bugs. formerly going that path, attempt following, Uninstall pointless classes and applications. test with a antivirus software test with a secret agent ware/malware software DEFRAG C: CHKDSK C: freshen up and fix registry problems with registry fix utility of your determination If the subject persists, did you examine if it must be your HP Pavilion pc potential twine or potential source subject? defective or inadequate potential grant might reason errors messages that are deceptive. Take the battery out and potential on your HP Pavilion pc with the charger purely. ascertain your HP Pavilion pc potential jack and charger plug tip are securely related. Did you spot the potential jack loose? you will come across HP Pavilion pc potential jack on ebay. fixing and soldering the potential jack demands expert ability nonetheless. The charger green/blue LED might desire to be on. If no longer, replace the defective charger.the two HP Pavilion pc battery and charger, incredibly its potential twine/cable, might desire to get replaced each and every few years, evaluate procuring a life-time guarantee charger on line from enterprise like topmic

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