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alexis asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

what are some good horror movies ?

what are some new horror movies that are good?

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    1 decade ago
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    hey i'm a HUGE horror movie buff and i've seen tons of it. i highly recommended: (gore/ghost/zombie combined)

    eden lake*


    skeleton key*


    i know what you did last summer 1&2

    the strangers

    van helsing

    ils / them




    joyride *

    joyride 2 dead ahead


    session 9*

    the collector*

    final destination 1,2,3*

    dawn of the dead 2004*


    backwoods 2008

    see no evil


    midnight meat train

    night train

    ghost ship

    13 ghosts

    my bloody valentine (new)

    sorority row (new)

    halloween h20


    stag night

    the stepfather 2009

    a perfect getaway 2009

    storm warning

    drag me to hell*

    high tension


    silent hill


    the hills have eyes 2004*

    dead silence*

    saw 1*

    the ring*

    when a stranger calls


    wrong turn 1

    the girl next door

    the orphanage (spanish)*

    the uninvited*

    the new daughter








    the ruins

    the lodger

    the glasshouse

    house of wax

    the hitcher

    the grudge

    cold prey 1&2

    dead snow

    texas chainsaw massacre (2003)

    blair witch project 1

    wish master 1*

    jeepers creepers 1&2*

    the last house on the left*(new)

    dead set*

    the others*

    the mist*

    (i hated and will never understand the hype over wolf creek, the descent and 28 days(weeks later. i basically don't like older horror movies as well.)

    i cant remember the year of some of them but majority are recent films that i did like. only one was from the 90's which is misery. i highlighted with *** the movies that belong to my favorite list which i've seen over and over again.

    Source(s): myself
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  • erik b
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    1 decade ago

    New horror is terribly not scary. They are just boring. Do you REALLY want a scary move? Try The Shining.

    Good luck sleeping!

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  • 1 decade ago

    There's not really any good horror movies that are "new". They're mostly failing remakes of movies that were actually good.

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  • bored
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    1 decade ago

    halloween! quite old ^.^

    not sure what is specifically called but i remember watching it with my cousins in the extension of my aunty's house. it was dark and we could see outside because of the glass windows, it was sooo scary!

    urm, scream

    i watched it in the dark with my sister, soo scary!..

    also chucky is freaky o.O

    Source(s): personal experience :o
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  • 1 decade ago

    The lovely bones is good. :] Not really scary more creepy.

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