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Is my bf cheating on me? He told me he was at a party..and a girl was looking for his cousin..?

so came up to him to ask him where his cousin is...because apparently my bf new her from before...she was at his store. So she found a familiar face and asked him where his cousin bf said he's gona come in abit but u can chill here till then. Later on he tells me...ppl from everywhere asked him if that girl was me. I am his gf and everyone knows that but has never seen me because we have a long distance relationship. Do you think he's cheating on me.. Also he didn't pick up his phone the whole time he was at the party and the next day told me that he had forgotten it at his cousin's house. Does that mean he was with her and didn't want her to know he had a gf? But then again why did he tell me abt this? He himself said hey I have a funny story..everyone thought U were that girl . Doesn't this mean he was acting like she was his gf which is why ppl assumed it was his gf? I hope I've made sense :( . Please do help and explain. Thanks guys..I haven no one else to talk tooo...Thank u.


guys ..if he is a cheater/player.. WHY would he bring this up and tell me on his own that he has a funny story to tell me?? I dont get that part. Why woudl he himself be like oh something funny happ...everyone thought u were that girl...n were asking if she's ur gf.

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    Truthfully, it sounds like he's a player. What are YOU gonna do about it though? Ask him tons of questions, sounding like a jealous gf?


    Why? Because you need to let him know that you have options, that he isn't the only guy around. If you still want to be with him, punish him for awhile. Show him that his trust and companionship is needed to be in a relationship with YOU, including his whoring around with other girls. Ignore him, treat him badly, etc.

    If you don't want to be with him, break it off, but NOT TOO SOON! He'll know you found out he was cheating and think you were just broken hearted. Do it in a week or two and tell him that "you aren't happy with him anymore..." and leave it at that.

    After the break up's done and over with, act like you've never been happier. Put on your poker face and show him that you're fine without him, much less a bf. Act flirtatious and just be happy! You're single and free for a while!

    Trust me, he'll be chasing and begging for you to get back with him in no time ;). When he does though, don't give in. There's plenty more guys that are single, respectable and actually around your area. Long distance relationships are a big no no anyways.

    Hope this helped!

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    unattached non committed men boys want sex all the time

    so only md men can be charged of cheating not bfs

    or non committed ones take care of AIDS

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    It honestly sounds like something was or is going on....I would be asking a lot of questions

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