Twi-Fans.. What did you think of Eclipse (movie) ?

>>What did you think of it?? ?

~ i loved it, i liked how they brought humor into the movie and more action! in my opinion its the best out of the movies yet.

>> Have you read the book??

>>Book... or movie... ??

>>>> What was your Favorite scene? ! ?

~i cant decide! i loved the fight between the new borns, the chase at the beginning with the cullens, wolfs and Victoria but also when bella punched jake.. how he didnt even flinch && the SOUND! bahaha but then theres when Edward was in Jacobs face and charlie came ( jakes answer :P "I kissed bella.. and she broke her hand.. punching my face..")

---To all the haters of the Saga.. dont waste your time and comment.. no one cares--- THANKS!

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    I saw it yesterday and well, I am one of Taylors BIGGEST fans haha.

    Yeah they did bring humour into it and I agree that it is the best one yet.

    My favourite scene? - too many but the scene that made me laugh the most had to be where Charlie and Bella were trying to have the sex talk :)

    I've read all the books - 4 times over too! Haha x

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  • kore
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    4 years ago

    properly im undecided yet i understand that a number of Breaking sunrise would be in Bella's POV and additionally some would be in Jacob's POV properly it maximum probable would be like that because of the fact thats how the e book is lol

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  • 1 decade ago

    I know this doesn't pertain to this question that you asked but its the only way I coudl figure out how to get something to you I can't figure out how to e-mail you on here I had questions about the chickens.. so if you could e-mail me that would be greatly appreciated it. Thanks so much!

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