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Why do communist countries keep the preserved corpse of their leader?

Why do they do this? is there a reason?

I don't see the US keeping a freeze-dried corpse of George Washington on display, or any other democratic nation. So why is it just communists that do this?

And I hear China's corpse has been looking very waxy these days... you think Mao rotted away beyond repair, and just replaced him with a wax sculpture?

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    In North Korea, the President of the country is a dead guy (kim Jong Il's father)

    Kim Jong Il has a different title as the current leader.

    Basically, so far as I can tell....Communists are "touched in the head"

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    As opposed to trying to track down all the places George Washington took a nap.

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    Influence and power of his ideology over the people, when you're still honoring him in a grand room with him as the main feature.

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    Worm farm.

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