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Rate my top ten hottest guys?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER THIS! I've posted this three times and haven't gotten any answers!!!

*btw, every time i post this particular question, it seems to not work, i'm guessing because of the links so I'm going to add them in a second.


urg! k the links aren't working so u can just google them if u don't know who they r:

10. Jon Bon Jovi (my friend got me hooked! :P)

9. Lucas Cruikshank (well more cute then hot, but....)

8. Rob Pattinson

7. Blake McGrath

6. Orlando Bloom

5. Kellan Lutz

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

3. Taylor Lautner

2. Adam Lambert

1. Hayden Christensen

You can say you're not attracted to them in a nice way. You don't have to be all "eww! he's so hideous!" just say 1/10 or something. Please don't go any less thatn 0/10 (negatives are not allowed) or any higher than 10/10. 11/10 is not possible.

Update 2:

i no there's no link. That's what i said. yahoo answers was being gay and not letting me post a question with links so i said just google them if u don't know who they are.

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    Jon Bon Jovi - 2, not my type.

    Lucas Cruikshank - 5, he's not super cute but he's funny :)

    Rob Pattinson- 3, I don't like his hair.

    Blake McGrath - 6 .. he's okay.

    Orlando Bloom - 9, he's hot :) :$

    Kellan Lutz - 10 !! He's beautifuulll!

    Leonardo DiCaprio - 8, he was a 10 when he was in his 20's though :)

    Taylor Lautner - 4, he's too overrated.

    Adam Lambert - 9.5, he's talented and really hot.

    Hayden Christensen - 7, he's alright.

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