What are your thoughts on the Hamilton v. Winnipeg game?

I was at this game and after the opening kickoff the entire stadium was thinking "wtf". However, the defence looked strong and Edwards almost 200 yards is another stat that stood out for me this week. If it wasn't for Hamilton's two special teams touchdowns this score could have been really embarrasing. I can't wait for the rematch in a couple of weeks.


Winnipeg won 49-29

Update 2:

Sorry JJ, I'll re-check everything and let you know.

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    There is a lot of areas that Winnipeg still has room for improvement. The big one is the beer lines. I had to wait over 20 minutes for two jumbo drafts that I finished in about 10 minutes because it was plus a million out. By the time I made it to my seat there was less than 2 minutes left in the first quarter and I had already pounded back one of my beers. It cost me $15 for that.

    Now in all seriousness, the Bombers need to work on special teams ASAP. The score flatters Hamilton, take away 15 points off special team touchdowns and this game isn't even close. Ppl will blame Serna for missing two field goals (one of which was ran back), but from where I was sitting it looked to me like the long snapper and the holder were the ones that f***ed up on both of those kicks, as not one looked like it was being properly held by the time Serna kicked it.

    On the plus, I am glad we got rid of Glenn, he is way too inconsistent to be mentioned in the same breath as Pierce, Burris, Ray, Durant, Printers, or Calvillo. Our D-Line played crazy, I haven't seen it look this good in years, and the rest of the D fed off their play.

    On a side note, I realize it is only one game but I am sure liking the way the Blue showed up, should be a strong year for us! Oh and it was so good seeing Cal Murphy there at half-time, what a legend!

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    Hamilton looks like Hamilton again, if it wasn't for 2 special teams touchdowns that led to 15 points the Ticats wouldn't even have been in the game. The score was very flattering for Hamilton, and Glenn looked like his old self once again.

    PS How did I not win week 1's predictions I had $90 profit?

    Additional PS: I'm an idiot and will shutup, you play by the odds which I seemed to have skipped.

    Edit - No no no, I screwed up I thought it was total money bet plus the winnings, not just the winnings.

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    Great start for Hamilton, great ending for Winnipeg.

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    who won?

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