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Why doesn't my cpu recognize a DVD-R?

Information on my Cpu

OS : Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1,Build 2600)

System Manufacturater: Dell Computer Corporation

System Model: Power Edge 840

Proccessor is INTEL(R) Xeon (R)

If you need more information on the computer feel free to ask.


Alright, so I tried several other Discs ( CDS DVDS) that are blank and some that aren't. The only disc that works would probrably Rogers one. In front of the disc says TDK DVD-R. I have been trying to put somethings in this disc but sadly my computer won''t recognize it. I have read many posts on something like my trouble but it still didn't solve it . :( Is there something wrong with my drive ?

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    CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, in other words, your processor and not your whole computer. Not every disc drive can read DVD's, so you should verify that your disc drive is not limited to CD's only. If yours can read DVD's, then it might be that it can only read DVD-R or DVD+R, which is another thing which you can verify. The same goes for writing DVD's, it might be that it can only write to DVD-R's and not DVD+R's and the other way around. You can use disc burning software such as Infrarecorder or ImgBurn for example, which are both free of charge, to burn a disc.

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