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Venezuela, Caracas: My Mission?

Well, I have obtained my BScNUR in a Canadian University. I have a desire to go out an see the world for myself and not be confined to the luxurious lifestyle, so I want to go to Caracas, Venezuela to further my Spanish vocabulary and to experience it's lifestyle. I am very aware of the political unrest and disputes that happen within it's borders but I believe this to be an eye-opening opportunity. Would it be safe enough to volunteer my services as a nurse to the poorer districts? What are some issues I might face down there beside electricity and water shortage? I will only be staying for a maximum of several month and I am also aware of my possible limited practice while staying there.

I have thought of other Latin American countries, but Venezuela has to be my top pick, call me crazy.

I appreciate any information given.

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  • Edvin
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    1 decade ago
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    You are not crazy, i have to make some explanatory statements of what you said, first of, erase from your mind the idea of a extreme poverted dangerous and devastated Caracas PLEASE, in Caracas there are very wealthy neighborhoods and villages, mostly on the east, central and some parts from the west of the metropolitan area, the diference between the so called ''first world'' and ''third world'' isnt the fact that one is more wealthy than the other, is because in the ''third world'' social inequalities are strongly marked than the ''first world'', you will see the same effects of globalization in Venezuela as you can see in Canada, people wearing blackbearries, driving brand new cars, shopping in big malls (by the way the biggest chain of malls from latinamerica SAMBIL is Venezuelan). As any other big city from the world, the daily life goes fast, you may be exposed to risk IF YOU LOOK FOR IT'' even worst IF YOU LOOK FOR PROBLEMS, logically, just dont wear luxury stuff, save money in the bank, watch your back, dont trust in strangers inmediatly, the basic rules for an urbanized lifestyle that you have in HARLEM NY, you can have them in CARACAS. The electricity shortage ended since a month ago or so, however some areas of the metropolitan area have potable water supply problems. So come here with no troubles you are welcome, dont follow all the crap in the media and just leave the bullssh politics far away from your experience, enjoy your trip.

  • 1 decade ago

    why Caracas? there are another cities in Venezuela more safe and quite than Caracas!

  • 1 decade ago

    I've heard Maracaibo is much safer than Caracas.

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