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This morning was not the first time I'd had this rowdy, painful wakeup call. She threw a shoe at my head, again. I am sick of this! She and my brother swim in the mornings, early, and then get dropped off by their friend's parents. I am a really heavy sleeper...which I suppose is a bad thing, but I literally cannot here when my phone goes off in my room, or the doorbell rings, or pounding on the door upstairs, and it's not my fault. But somehow my sister thinks it is. I've tried being the responsable one, as I did again today, by saying, "Please don't throw things at me, especially while I'm sleeping. Take a key with you to swimming, this is not my fault you aren't able to get in the door after practice." And she replies, "It's so your fault! I shouldn't have to take a key! You should be awake by 7 am!" I'd like to say, that I was also sleeping in, because it's summer. And so, yes, I was asleep at 7:15 when I got the shoe thrown at my head. Apparently she had been banging on the door for 30 minutes and then she somehow found a way in...I don't know how. And then my brother says to me, backing her up, "You should be the responsable one." Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they're twins... 12 year olds, younger than me, and after he say that, I began crying because I was really tired, and even though I had kindly let my sister sleep on my floor last night because it's too hot upstairs, and my room is downstairs, nice and cool because it's underground, and I had a fan going too...she doesn't care about that part. I also let my brother in my room too, when we watched a movie last night, and I was kind to them. but now, I am done with the kind. I can no longer be the responsable one. It's just too hard. This is about the 5th time that they've been locked out, and after I've been responsable, and quiet, and used my words, my sister starts calling me names, and saying I'm a lazy cow, and saying I was awake and I was faking sleeping when she threw the shoe at my head, and other things that bother me so much, and are downright innapropriate to say on here, let alone to anyone I think, coming from a 12 year old (not swearing, but she's one of those little twits who parades around elementary school with her clique, thinking that they are so cool, so she uses her attitude and ways with words to make me cry, again) and everytime, I desperately want to hold the shoe back, or slap her, or something just to get her to SHUT UP, but that would be irresponsable, a bad example, a pour decision... So I tried getting back to sleep, and I finally did, but then she came into my room, again, and this time yelled in my ear, "WAKE UP YOU ALREADY GOT ENOUGH SLEEP. Come and fill up the pool with me. LIZZIE! COME AND FILL UP THE POOL! LIZZIE WAKE UP." and then, I did, but as I'm getting up, she throws the shoe at me and it hits my glasses, and dislodges the screw holding on the arm of my glasses. I reply back to her, "I am not going to help you, because you've treated me so pourly this morning, and other mornings, so NO!" And so when my dad calls, I tell him, and I burst into tears, and he tells me he's deal with it, later. But they always side with my sister and brother. How do I deal with this. With her? With them?!!!!!!!!!! I am really sick of being the responsable one, and I cannot wake myself up. She won't take a key, and I've even tried putting it into her swimming backpack, but she is convinced someone will steal it. I'm not prepared to wakeup at 7:15 for her bitchy mood, and I'm definitely not taking anymore shoes to the head. Help.


I'm 16,

and btw my back bone tends to sway

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    How old are you?

    Tell her:

    "You know what? I am your older sibling... and I have done many kind things for you... I am responsible... and I will no longer tolerate the way you treat me... if you signed up for swimming classes so early in the morning then you should be responsible for how you get there and get back... why should I be made to suffer? Take a key, and take a combination lock, and lock your pack with the key in it in the locker with the combination lock... Do not bother me when I am sleeping or I will no longer let you sleep in my cold room... I don't HAVE to do anything for you - you must ask me kindly and treat me with respect.... I am also capable of throwing a shoe and so much more at you... so I suggest you get in line *****!"


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    So in all of this, I'm wondering where your sister got the idea that she could treat you like this - do your parents do it also, because it had to come from somewhere. As for your situation, it sounds like you are a teenager. Teenagers need more sleep and are sleeping at their heaviest in the early morning. I think you need to explain this to your sister. I think you also need to sit down with your parents one on one and explain what is going on. All because your siblings want to get up early, doesn't mean it should be your responsibility. I think there needs to be reasonable guidelines about what to expect from you and what not to expect from you. I also think you need to stick your guns and whenever they are rude to you, you just don't talk to them. No exceptions. Talk to your parents about putting a lock on your door so they can't come in when you don't want them to. If all else fails, give her a taste of her own medicine!! If they go to bed before you, throw a shoe at them and yell at them that they need to get up bc it's their responsibility to stay up late for some ridiculous reason.

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    wow, get a back bone and stop letting little baby 12 year olds walk all over you. as the responsible one it is your responsibility to guide them and lay down the lines. tell them if they want you to be responsible that means you take care of them and set the rules.... and you do need to quit crying and stuff when they are mean to you and try to put them in their places if you ever want them to listen to you, crying about 'mean words' or being called 'mean names' is not going to make them respect you. Please, try to stick up for yourself since you are older you should be able to handle them...

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    then go live in the woods and grow your own food. if you do not want to contend with modern Society's rules then you should not be apart of it. however that answer may be completely irrelevent as i did not want to read your long *** question in its entirety

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