Question about the Arizona immigration law?

So I've read the law, and I see that in order for a police officer to question one's legality and demand papers, one must be suspected of a crime first. But the law also states that being in the state of Arizona undocumented is now a state crime. Wouldn't that be all the officer needs to pull you over? Or stop you on the street?

Why would they suspect you are illegal? Skin tone perhaps?

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    The law requires legal contact, not being stopped as a suspect in a crime. If you ask an officer for directions that officer has made legal contact.

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    1 decade ago

    Reread it. The offender has to be stopped in the act of violating a law. Period. If you are stopped for running a red light and can not provide a drivers license, or other means of identification, you can be expected to be detained until you provide the necessary documentation.

    No, a state, county, city, local police officer can not stop you cause he thinks you are an illegal immigrant. A federal agent can. It just does not make sense to think that police are gonna be driving around scoping out dark skinned people. They have plenty other things to keep them busy. Most cops could stay busy from dawn to dusk and never take a break, just writing traffic violations.

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    1 decade ago

    Read the law again.

    Everyone who is STOPPED for another crime: Is required to show ID.

    My grandfather came over - from ELLIS ISLAND, and found a sponsor, and paid the fees, took the classes and passed the citizenship test.

    If I'm pulled over - By a COP (regardless of what color he is...) I'm required to show LICENSE, REGISTRATION and PROOF of INSURANCE.

    If I'm HISPANIC - I shouldn't get a PASS. That's Discrimination.

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    1 decade ago

    They have to be pulled over for speeding or J walking for a cop to see their identification and if they dont have any id and they cant speak English, I say that is a strong possibility that you are here illegally

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you started off great with yur question but blew it at the end. if az law is racist then federal is racist because they are one in the same. you cannot pull some one over unless they break the law first then you can challenge status.

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