Does this happen to you?

I'll be checking out videos on youtube, and an advertisement comes up beside the video, and you know what this advertisement says? "ARAB LOUNGE, Meet your Arab Princess." Dammit man, and it's always a picture of some really hot girl. Like oh and what was the one yesterday I saw, it said "Are you shy? Send your proposal by email!" What a fail. I think if your that shy, you shouldn't be getting married. These ads are only reminding me, that no one likes me that way. Not that I want to get married..that's gross, I'm just saying.

ANYWAYZZZ. What do you guys think of these ads. I'm quite sure they're helpful to someone...not me at the moment.

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  • 10 years ago
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    ergh ! i know what you mean .

    sometimes il be answering questions on this and a very seductive picture of a women will pop up on the side as advert ... O_O . i mean seriously.

    especially when im answering or asking a quesition about shaytaan.

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  • Lol, i always see the single muslim one.

    Its pathetic and annoying.

    Actually shyness is good before marriage, it shows modesty.

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  • bLoOoP
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    10 years ago

    oh i never noticed... O,O'

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