How to loose 15 pounds in a month?

I don't care if it's healthy or not i really need to lose 15 pounds

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    Ok this is a really really long answer, but please give it a chance because it really works, it worked for me and lots of people I know. Don't get mad that this is so long hahaz its mostly just lots and lots of tips!

    Hey there I have the same problem. . But it's acutally pretty easy to lose it and easier than you think. You just have to be patient and don't give up because it really does work. Okay well this might be a little hard if you don't have an ollyptical trainer machine (google it if you don't know what it is. you prob will once you see a picture of it). If you have some other excersize machine this will work too but if you don't have any excersize machine than ask your parents to buy you one! It is really important. If they won't buy one then that's ok but you will have to run which I hate! Well ok do you get a subscription to Seventeen? they have great workouts in there that you can follow. Here's what I do. I try to go on my ollyptical for 30 minutes each day (I do it at night but that might not be a good idea if excersize makes you not be able to sleep. For me it makes me tired but it makes some people less tired!) Also you can listen to music while you work out- it makes fun! and the best part is that with ollpytical trainers you never actually run out of breath but you work up a sweat. Anyway, after you do that, do the workout in your Seventeen. If you don't get Seventeen, then you can find great workouts at their website or somewhere online. And they are strength workouts not cardio so its more like building your abs (which I admit is like torture- side planks, v-sits, and more) but definetly works. There is also leg, butt, and arm excersizes you can do. You don't have to do the strength workouts but they help to build muscle and increase stamina so it is better for you in the long run, so if you want to do them at all the best time is after you have worked out so that you are already sweaty and your heart is already pumped up and you are more flexible. Don't forget to stretch when you are done excersizing, whether or not you do the strength training. Stretching is impt. because it helps you cool down and it helps prevent injury or muscle strain so that your muscles won't be sore the next day. Honestly you don't have to work out every night, it's best to do this 3-4 times a week instead of every night. But if you really want to see results fast, then do it as much as you can. Also for what do you eat, my biggest setback on eating is that whenever I eat cereal I always have 2 bowls which is not that healthy cuz cereal is starch. Try to not have a lot of starch-bread, pasta, potatoes. Ik it sucks but starch turns right in to sugar or fat so it's not really healthy. So replace some starch with protein like nuts, fish, meat, chicken, beans, and more. If you are vegetarian there are lots of protein choices that is not meat. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies they are delicious and really healthy. Breakfast in a hurry make sure to eat cereal and fruit. If you don't have time bring a banana and a granola bar. For lunch if you are at school you can pack celery and peanut butter. It is actually really good! Or carrots and ranch.Something healthy! Pack your lunch with 2 healthy things and allow yourself to pack one thing not so healthy like potato chips or cookies. For dinner try to eat less rice, bread, potatoes, and pasta because again they are starch. If you liek to eat Chinese or Indian food (both yummmm) then you probably will have a lot of rice, so try to eat less starch after that. ALso like if you are dying for a bagle then by all means have one but since a bagel is like 500 calories, and all of that starch, you can't have a lot of starch after that. I htink you know what I mean. Also it helps to keep a calorie journal of everything you eat and how many calories you eat. But you probably alraedy do that and you are doing a lot of things right. Im rly rly sorry this is so long lol! Incentivese: if you are at the point where you don't wear a bikini but would like to, then go to the store where they have really really cute bikinis and if you find a cheap one, by it! Hang it up in your room where you can see it, and when you are working out think about how great you'd look in it and how you've come so far and how you are almost there. if you are just looking to tone up, then go to the mall and find something really cute to use as an incentive, or ask your mom to pitch in and buy you a really cute pair of shoes or something that you can set as your goal- for instance if you want to lose 15 lbs then buy the shoes but hide them, only once you have reached your goal of -15 pounds you can have the shoes.

    Source(s): Source(s): Pretty much just make small changes to your day- like play out side or if it's hot then water the flowers with your little cousin/sis/bro/neighbor/etc. Chances are that it will turn into a water fight which is great because you burn calories, get cooled off, the flowers get watered, you have fun, and get a tan! lol! And even walking more can help. Like go on walks or bike rides after dinner with your family. It's really really relaxing and clears your head and is great excersize! When you go to the mall, don't drive around looking for a close spot because you will probably take up more time looking for a spot then you will if you just park farhter and walk the way. Besides its walking and it's more excersize than you would have gotten if you parked closer, and driving around wastes more money and gas for the environment. When you are at the grocery store don't leave the cart in the middle of the road, it's dangerous and pretty lazy when you can walk it down a few lanes to the place where the carts are supposed to be. And its extra walking! Ify ou are going somewhere close then don't drive walk or bike. You've heard eco freaks say it but its not just for keeping the air clean it's also excersize! Anywhere you can sneak in extra walking like that do it- chances are it's better for the environment and your health! Soooo after about a month of doing the things i talked about in this whole answer people definitly noticed changes in a good way and so did the scale. And I had my cousins wedding which was a blast! And i wore a really pretty dress. Anyway the day me and my mom got the dress, it wouldn't zip all the way, but my mom found a good way to hide it. Still it made me feel bad because I thought I was too fat to wear the dress. I started this workout thing the next day, and by the time of the wedding we went to put on the dress and it zipped right up with ease. I was so exited and proud of myself. I also noticed a difference n how my clothes fit. I will admit that I stopped working out about a month ago for a really dumb reason ok dont laugh but im really scared of spiders and my machine is in the basement, so i was down there about a month ago and I saw a HUGE spider that was like about the size of a grapefruit and I nearly died. But just last night I made my mom come down there so she could kill any spiders I saw lol and I started this plan again and I feel great today! Oh yeah no eating after 8:00 at night unless you are really hungary or you are at an event or for some reason your family is eating dinner late. try not to eat right before you go to bed. don't starve yorself.If you get a craving but you know you shouldn't be eating then brush your teeth. It is good for ur teeth but also offsets the craving because you know how after you brush you don't want to eat cuz of the minty taste in your mouth. If you can't brush your teeth because your not at home then, chew gum-the minty sugar free kind-, or buy listerine pocket mist which is mouth spray or use breath strips or whatever you do when you have bad breath. Also join sports if you want! THeir fun! Sorry this is so long and it sounds hard but its easier than you think. sorry if i got a little off topic which i do sometimes lolz but yeah good luck and if you have any questions ask me. Good luck! God bless! Thanks for reading, best of luck
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    properly First you're able to eat extra. definite extra. eat 5 small healthful nutrients spaced out for the time of the day. proceed to do your 20 minutes and upload walking often used for one extra half-hour. Make it area of your habitual, ie after dinner choose for a a walk or in the time of your lunch hour. Dont starve your self with the aid of fact then you definitely won't shed weight besides and you'd be risky. dropping weight isn't confusing. in basic terms takes dedication. energy expended - energy taken in = weight loss

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    Aerobic exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.

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    Eat well, lay off the chips, chocolate and sugar. Especially, trans fat and just simply fat !

    Do sports, stay fit :D

    Good luck (Y)

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    Well first tell me your height, weight, gender, diet and physical activity level and then I can help you.

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