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1995 Ford F150 Stalling?

I have a 1995 Ford F150 with the 5.8 V8. I recently had a problem with the starter and battery. I replaced them both along with the terminals. I had no problems for a week all of a sudden I was driving and it started sputtering then stalled out on me. the day before that I changed gas stations. But I replaced the fuel Filter, Put a MSD Distributor And Rotor on it. still not doing nothing dont know what to do anymore. any hints or tips?

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    If its a V8 triton you may have a bad coil pack or plugs or wires

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    I even have considered injectors try this in a 4.9 two times, We use a injector air purifier device that works large. it incredibly is alot extra much less high priced than changing them. First i might sparkling the throttle physique and butterfly plates and the Idle air administration valve in the previous changing the injectors ninety p.c. of the time it incredibly is the concern. After cleansing all this unhook the floor cable off the battery for 2 minutes to reset the bounds in the pcm for the valve.

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    There is no such thing as a 5.8 triton. they're either 4.6 or 5.4. To answer the question: If you were getting on it a little bit, the timing chain may have jumped. I'm assuming you tightened the dist holddown bolt.

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    it may be your ignition switch, if you have alot of keys on your key chain it will cause them to move alot and make the key move. i know it sounds dumb but this happen to me in my car. i took all the keys off and drove it for 3 days with just the key to the car on it. didnt stall once.

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