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Funny and unusual things horses do...?

So, i took my horse swimming today because it was extremely hot out. And as soon as we got into the water he started pawing like crazy, which made the water fly every where. I was sitting on my horses back, and by the time we got out of the river i was completely soaked. Ive seen my horse do this before, im assuming that he does it so he can cool off his face?

Also, the other day he started scratching his ear with his back foot! Ive never seen him do this before, is it normal? lol.

BQ: What funny/ unusual things does your horse do ?

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    JJ- He has to be smelling you! If you are standing there his nose HAS to be touching you some where

    BB- If im standing there by him talking or something he will put his nose RIGHT up to my hear and breathe, big breathes like you would do for the doctor. It cracks me up! Also when I swim him in the river he will put his nose in while we are going along and blow bubbles. It is FUNNY

    My friends barrel horse, when she swims him he is CRAZY! Im mean SCARY CRAZY. He loves the water! Out of the water he is a sweet heart and a lover. But in the water he is NUTS! He dives in, submerges him self all the way under, paws, and takes off. She has to pack a little whip to get his attention so he doesnt throw her off in the process lol its pretty funny!

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    My Horse is the funniest thing on earth. I remember out on a trail ride we had to cross 2 streams the first one he freaked out and jumped over it the second one he quietly walked into it then I stopped him and got him to do a partial Piaffe (really collected and animated but still moving a little fast)

    He also loves candy like at fair a little kid had twizzlers in his hand out side the exercise arena and Sherman was at a nice rocking canter and then he stopped grabbed some candy from the kid and then took off at the perfect canter again. I made Sherman stop and asked the kid if he was okay. He was fine and only wanted to feed Sherman more candy.

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    It is funny when they scratch their ears with their hooves!! they look so cute!!

    My boy ben does this really cute funny thing when Im putting on his over reach boots - he'll turn right around and look at me doing so - then when they're on he'll give em a good sniff - he does it EVERY time - you'd think he'd be used to it by now!!!

    he also follows me around like a shadow when he knows I have polos in my pocket and makes this cute little beggy face to get some!

    He such a funny horse - love him to bits!!


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    When I saw a horse scratch his ear like that I wondered the same thing! Like HOW did he just do that! They are like dogs in some cases! Haha.

    I LOVE when my girl will "smile" after I give her a carrot or an apple. EVERY single time she does it. It makes me laugh. She is soooo funny!

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    nicely, mine has not something to do with a horse, yet quite a donkey. i offered a sprint pasture mate donkey for my favourite horse after his pasture mate died. and because they are housed interior the pasture top by my homestead, and because he needs the international to appreciate he continues to be intact the little donkey will come to the grasp suite window and in any respect hours of the nighttime commence breying and save going(he's long gone an upwards of three-4 minutes on one try) he will try this till you return to the window or the door tell him to close up and then he will walk away. Then once you lay pass into opposite in mattress and get soft, he will pass lower back. i think of it's time to critically evaluate shifting pastures.

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    My horse scratches his ears with his hind feet, the first time I seen it was like WOW I DIDN'T KNOW THEY COULD DO THAT haha!

    He is more like a giant dog, he stretches his front legs out like a dog and he plays with squeeky dog toys rather than his jolly ball :)

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    My horse does this too. I'm assuming he wants to cool off his belly.

    My horse sometimes tries to rolls in puddles when I on him. He's hilarious.

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