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does tightening the wheels on the skateboard good for lowering the speed?

Will that also work on long boards as well? Does anyone tighten the wheels out there for speed reduction? If so let me know.

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    Tightening the wheels supertight will slow the board down but in doing so may cause damage to your bearings. When you tighten the bolt down too tight it will be rubbing metal on metal to the bearing from the bolt which can ruin your bearing. I would recommend either getting some cheap, cheap bearings until you gain skill and can upgrade or simply practice in a flat area going slow until you feel comfortable. Getting some Abec 1 bearings or something will decrease your speed due to their lessened performance and smoothness, then you can add your better bearings later not ruining them. Hope this is helpful.

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    as far as I kno tightning the wheels on a skateboard makes the skateboard slower but it also makes it harder to lean on it to turn without picking up the wheels.

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