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24 Hour Holter's Monitor?

This friday i'm having the 24 hour holter's monitor test. What I want to know is, when wearing it will it be very bulky? and will I be taking another test there? I have to go to work on Friday and i'll be wearing that :(! I already took the ECG test. Anyone have any experiences wearing it??? I wanted to ask questions to the person doing the test but she was acting like a real ***** so i didn't bother asking her :/

or anything else i should know? I know we aren't supposed to be taking a shower that day thats all and i gotta wear it for the entire day.

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    When the technician hooks you up with the holter you will have several ecg leads which can be an annoyance

    because they are so itchy. The monitor is placed in a pouch which is tied tp the back of your neck. It is a bit bulky as it sort of lies between your breasts. If you wore bulky clothes it would be hidden. What you have to think out is if you do feel something happening you have an event button which you must press when you have any cardiac symptoms. You should also keep a diary an write down any symptoms you have to alert the Dr who will be reviewing your test.. When I wore mine I got so frustrated I ditched the pouch and just carried it in my hands...

    EDIT: You can wear the holter at any time, night or day as it is worn for 24 hours. You do not change your activity at all.

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    I've had one done a year ago, it cost me 500 dollars out of pocket because I didn't want to wait for it go get approved by the insurance company. Some places charge less though, and I'm sure your insurance would cover it, if it was ordered by a physician. I'd say the average cost would fall somewhere between 300 and 500 dollars. good luck to you!

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    I've worn one of those things three or four times, and believe me, it's an annoyance and an inconvenience more than anything else. My biggest problem has always been with the tape they use to hold the little electrodes in place. After a few hours, I start to itch under it, and by the time 24 hours has passed, I am definitely ready to get rid of the damn thing!

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    the monitor is about the size of a small transistor radio, not too great a burden for the information you will get from wearing it for a day.

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    DO you remember the origional walkman? That takes a cassette tape - the monitors are that size or smaller. They are made to be worn during a normal working day.

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