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what more do i need with this aquarium?

bio cube 29 gallon

The new 29 gallon Oceanic BioCube features unique, high-quality components including Coralife lighting and can be used for saltwater or freshwater setups. Just set up your ideal environment, then plug it in and enjoy the results. It's that simple! The BioCube contains an enhanced filtration system that features dual filter intakes (at the surface and mid-water) for improved water circulation and filtration, a replaceable 2-stage filter cartridge which provides easy-to-maintain mechanical and chemical filtration as well as a bio-ball trickle filter system that improves gas exchange and provides efficient biological filtration. There is a viewing window for the filtration water pump which offers you "at-a-glance" convenience to ensure optimum filter performance. The BioCube's comprehensive aquarium lighting system includes 1 Coralife 10,000K 36Watt Compact Fluorescent lamp, 1 Coralife Actinic 36Watt Compact Fluorescent lamp, 3 3/4 Watt Lunar Blue, Moon Glow LED lights and dual fans integrated into the hood. The individual power cords allow timer operation for custom light schedules. Other features include remote ballasts with quick disconnects, curved glass front corners, sealed light lens cover and a UL listed 316 GPH submersible pump with adjustable discharge nozzle. L 20.8" x W 19" x H 20.1"

this is costing me 449cdn its only 299 on us site but they wont ship to canada


not into coral right away

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    if your doing this for saltwater this is the easiest setup for a starter its basicly plug and play all you need is live sand live rock salt mix a water testing kit and a few other things like a hydrometer to measure water gravity decor is completly changeable if this is your first tank this is a great size but make sure u do lots of research saltwater tanks are not a forgiving hobby there very expensive and if you decide to have corals expect to spend easily over 500 american dollars alone just for your coral

    Source(s): than you should be good 29 gallons is a good size stocking for this should really only have 4 or 5 fish the filters not amazing but it doeswork a setup you should look into should be clownfish,firefish,chromis, gobies and theres multiple others get some hermit crabs to they are great cleaners snails really dont do much other than glass cleaning but with the curved glass they fall off alot
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    I used to, they used to be so peaceful. But the newer aquariums, although purportedly better for the fish, are just too busy. And there are too many kids rampaging (literally) around--parents seem to bring their kids there and just set them loose and the kids go running and screaming around--if I were a parent I'd be more careful because pedophiles could easily haul a kid away and it'd be a while before the parent figured their kid was missing. I live in a fair size city and the last time I was at the city aquarium, people were leaving their bags and purses on these benches, unattended, and wandering off to look at the other tanks! Plus the entrance fee for the aquarium is something like $35 now--too rich for me to do.

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    sounds nice, look in your classifield for better deals. I got a 200 gallon tank for 500 bucks. works awesome.

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