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10 POINTS! What is the importance of D-DAY?

What is the importance of D-DAY



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    D-day took the fight to Nazi Germany on the Western Front for the first time since the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 and established a strong and sustained military presence in France. In essence it was the beginning of the end for Hitler. On the Eastern Front the Soviet Red Army had turned around the initial defeats after Barbarossa and were steadily driving through into Eastern Germany. D-Day therefore meant that Hitler was now facing war on two fronts inside Europe for the first time.

    Until then the Western Allies had a toehold in Southern Italy but had been bogged down by the fighting around Monte Cassino and on June 5 had just managed to capture Rome. In the East the Soviets had faced Hitler's Wehrmacht virtually single handedly and were demanding that the Western allies launch some kind of invasion to take some of the pressure off them. Until then the Western allies had bombed German cities and industry but this had little effect in stopping the German war machine and the fear was that the German's might perfect the V1 and V2 rockets and decisively turn the tables by bombing London and the southern ports which might be used to launch an invasion into submission. If that had happened, then the same technology would have been used on the Soviet Union prolonging the war and maybe turning the Eastern front into stalemate.

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    this website explains it and it even has a video

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